APC UPS and Battery charging issues..!


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call 0300-8445160 (Raheel Ahmad) in day time..Give my reference..

PS : for what you are looking for, there are 2200VA and 3000VA XL APC models


what is your UPS model?. exact full model details please..


yar its SUA1500i APC..

it has both USB and Serial port...

i am using two AGS 135 AmpH batteries with it...

my pc and fan are on it.. usually the load is around only 250 watts....

gives me 3.5 hours on average when fully charged ..

charges in like forever.. in almost 8 hours , from dead...

@ Farhan_ds

I have sent u a PM

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@ Mumtaz.

I am also facing the same charging issue with my SUA 1500i. Can you kindly mail me the address of the guiy who configured your apc ups. My email is 43.iqbal@gmail.com

A message on mobile will also be welcome. My No.0346-5331696


Well that guy resided in Chungi amar-sidhu lahore, and i cant give his exact address, i can only tell you his number, tomorrow i will PM his number.

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yes Mumtaz please share what kind of tweaks did he use , i am also very much interested in knowing cuz my APC is just screwing me up , i have 2x 135 AMPs batteries and the timing is around 3-4 hours for my PC on full charges batteries…


Yar he opened the UPS, and saw a cable whose joint was weak, fixed it, and told this wasnt the issue, he just did it for safety.

The he Turned on the UPS, using volt meter, he checked charging current which was 208V i guess, then he connected it with PC using serial prt, and started program named APC xxxxxx (it was a red icon).

Programmed it in a bit, checked charging current again with volt meter, boom, it was 224…

and he said its done.

Its pretty simple, just find that cable, you can download the software from APC’s website, and the idea of required programming should be given in user manual on their site…

@555 replied..


current is in Amps..usually from 4A to 25A charging rate,

Voltage is V in the range of 180-220Volts..

i am guessing what he did was change the OUTPUT voltage from the default 208 to 224Volts.. that is the voltage given back to the house in case of loadshedding.

1 - Your voltage out has nothing to do with charging rate

2 - you probably have the 2200VA XL model.. this model has default low charging rate of aprox 10-14amp.. by connecting it to PC and enabling Boost charging in software the rate can be increased to near 3000VA model, which is exactly what your guy did.

3 - the 3000VA model has by default the charging rate of 20 amps, so it doesnt need enhancements.

4 - shoukat and others who have the SUA1500i cannot have enhanced rate of 20Amps.. i have the same ups at home,.. the problem is the design of the UPS. the SUA are small home user UPS who have 1 single transformer for

both charging and AC/DC conversion... the XL have 2 seperate tansofrmers for each job. and they are designed to work with external battery packs so they have boost charing option which the SUA doesnt have. SUA have default charging rate of 5Amps. which is why Shaukat faces charging time of many hours. this can only be enhanced to max 7-8amps, which is still too low for our lite situation..

5 - however the solution to SUA problem is in external chargers. extensive experimentation and countless hours lead to eventual high powered custom made external charger.. details can be found here

now it takes 1.30 aprox to charge fully from dead to full..2x 130AH.. backup of 3-4 hours on lights and fans..1.5 hours with TV.

for any further questions please contact me via PM..


so if i replace it with the XL model then??

are you sure that i can manually adjust the charging voltage?? i mean that the XL model will work ok with WET batteries..???

btw can i get such a charger from Hall road??

1 - Hall road people ave no idea how to make or design a proper charger and those who do, will ask for 7-8k.. idiots./

2 - read the APC ups thread from page 4 onwards, includes pics of my setup... got charger for around 6k , a massive 20amp charger..

3 - All normal and XL models work with wet batteries..just that xl charging rate can be enhanced..the 1400Xl has a rate of 12amps .. meaning you get 10amps on aerage when light returns.. if you leave it on overnight, it will fully charge batteries and will continue to give you decent backup if you get light for 2 hours in between.. larger battery = more backup.

4 - for proper high backups, you would need the 2200Va xl . it will require 4 batteires as it is 48V, but charging is fast, and can take up shi.t amount of load, including 1 fridge,.. big investment for one time only,, but big investment

5 - simpler to get external charger, clamp it on or off.. move it between different UPS, share with cousins.. etc.. if you are not into investing for 4 batteries.

Taiwan korean and HQ chinese chargers are also available in imported lots..

PM,i will give you contact number of a friend in case you need a Bigger UPS and batteries or imported chargers.. you can try the chargers, ...mine local made is working fine now.. 6 months almost..

^ yes i think the guy did the same thing you are telling, but he didnt enable the boost mode or anything, rather he written values manually in that software.

btw in Shoukat's case, backup is not the issue, his issue is charging time.

and i wont recommend using extrernal charger with his UPS, the reason is external chargers keep charging and charging, and over charging ruins the batteries...

and the main reason of buying imported UPS to many, is that there is no over charging issue, batteries last longer, and transformer is very small that reduces electricity losses,..

So if one uses external charger with imported UPS, it will make it worse than desi ups, imo.


actually we are talking about a controlled charger here,

which stops charging when batteries are full....

Chargers come with 2 types of kits..

1 - Trickle... which charges fast, then slow, then only milli amps when battery is full to prevent discharge... best option

2 - Bulk.... which charges fast, then slows down as battery fills up.. the stops at full voltage ... 2nd best option

we usually go with bulk chargers as trickles are either very expensive or very dificult to find/built/install in charger... both work equally good.. bulk stop at preset voltage, so there is no problem with them of overcharging.

there is an other type

3 - The Donkey chargers keep on charging.. and are only used for Super huge Tower batteries and for running factories or Huge Ass DC equipments..eg studio amplifiers.. not our requirement.


Iam an electrical engineer frm Fast lahore ....

Even iam having alot of probs findin gud sinewave ups in lhr bcoz there is too much Runggg baazi here!!!!!

Few days ago i set out to buy an apc 2100 watts ups .... But to my surprise for that same model prices ranged frm 23k to 43k . Those who were selling cheap were not giving any warrant and the ones selling it for 43 were giving 1 year cmplete replacmnt warranty !!! what shud i do ??? If any one knws any reliable apc dealer in lhr plz suggest!!!!

The other prob is the charging ....... One dealer was telling me that they can tweak the 2100 watts / 3000va 48volts model to give 10 amps charging ( my making some changes in the ic's ) which wud charge 4 135amps batteries in 3 to 4 hours . He was also teling me that they can even supply the customers with an external charger ( if they r willing to pay extra) . is the tweakin thing actually true ...??

Plz help me !!!!!

Every UPS is tweaked..to work with external wet batteires..

however only a few models can be charging enhanced.

there are differet models of the UPS.. there are RIM, the SUA, and the XL models.. XL are most expensive, then the R and then the SUA.

the R series has low charging rate around 10-12amps., and cheaper, upto 27-30k price..

the XL 3000VA is the beast,, it has enhanceable charging rate of upto 20amps, wich is preety darn enough.. and charges 4 batteries in 3-4 hours and gives backup of 4-5 hours on average house oload.. once they are charged, you need to forget about ever doing panga with them, as they are always fully charged then onwards..even if loadshedding of 1-1 hours spell all day.

since a lot of Mixing and Fraud occurs in UPS as people donot know and shopkeepers tend to take advantage of misinformed, PM me, and i can tell you of a guy who is in importing the APC of all models, and he can tell you ANY engineering related technical info on all APC and charging and batteries and even solar panels etc.

Thank you @farhan_ds and sorry for late response

ref to post#21 I need the UPS for:

  • 4-5 energy savers
  • 2-3 fans
  • 1 door bell
  • 1 tv (CRT 21")
  • 1 wireless router and 1 dsl modem and 1 laptop charger

for the above requirement a 1.5 kva UPS would do but after some research on lead-acid batteries (cranking/automotive - majority of the locally available) I belive that they die very soon if frequently discharged below 50% which leads to replacement of the batteries every year and that too on a much higher price compared to previous year.

I am of the view (pl correct me if I am wrong) that a big UPS, almost double of normal requirement, with a good built-in charger will save one from replacement of batteries each year and will provide with a longer backup time in ever worseneing loadshedding like witnessed in June this year.

you need a 1700W UPS to coop with load and especially the CRT..

that gives you options in Cyberpower and APC only.. cyberpower will run on 2 large batteries 24v, for the same load.. APC will need 48V 4 batteries...

48V is a superior circuit than 24V, as the discharge rate of 4 batteries will be less than 2 big batteries at a time..so less "damage".

also since if one battery dies and need replacement it will be cheaper to replace. total watts of power output remain the same in 4x 100A or 2x 200A batteries..

there are 2200VA 1900W apc ups, and a 3000VA 2700W ups.. both run on 4 batteries, ..3000VA is heavy duty to run your TV and fridge together as well..backup time will depend on the battery size..

PM me for further details..

AOA to all....

sorry for going just a little bit off-topic.... I want to buy a branded UPS and today i went to market. A shopkeeper showed me APC ups "sua1000i" and his final discounted rate was 12,500.... it is a good rate?

2) I wont be putting much load (mostly 1, 2 fans, few lights, laptop charging) on it but my area receives heavy load-shedding so battery backup and efficient charge management is a concern. do u guys recommend that i buy APC sua1000i? one more thing, it will need two batteries and that means more kharcha :-(

3) If the answer to no.2 is NO then plz recommend a good UPS and good battery.

actually my mind was pretty much made before reading this thread..... but looooong charging times have made me question the decision. plz help.

1 - Sua 1000 is very underpowered for our daily needs..you need a minimum of Sui1500VA or 1400XL..

2 - depending on your loadshedding schedule, you will need an external charger with any APC,...Not needed for the 1400XL model.

3 - if that is all your load, dont go for APC, go for a simple invertor, it will save you money and have better charger.. for fan and lites you donot need pure sine wave.

4 - for further Details, please PM...

what do u mean by simple invertor? local made UPS or some chinese one like homage etc?

btw, PM'ed u @ farhan_ds

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