APC Smart UPS questions

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Server mounted are even more expensive as they are more robust. and weigh a lot

APC is designed to provide the cleanest electricity no matter what.. all other equipment even works as low as 150V in PK yet APC would shut down at 180V . PC and all other universal equipment is designed to work with a very wide range of voltages so it does work albeit with damage to components,..Frequency is only an issue with generators. you should check into that first. so that problem can be isolated.



Bro I have a APC 3000va and i am use it for a long backup at my home.But the problem is it reduce fan speed some times when wapda in ON and same issue some time while electricity failure.

somebody tells me this is manage through software but i have not idea that how can i do this.

Can u help me in this regard.

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Your problem is voltage fluctuation in your main lines.. the default output of APC is 225V when on battery in loadshedding.. thats when fans are fastest with highest quality electricity. when wapda comes, APC have a range of 188V to 264V... during this voltage range, usually below 220 in PK, when wapda is below 220V, APC just lets it pass through, so upto the lowest 188V, the fan speeds will be exactly as wapda light is.. so your fans are not slow due to APC, it is slow because wapda is sending low volts,.. be happy for your APC.. because when volts drop below 188V, it automatically up scales the volts back to 225V to prevent further damage to your electrical appliances...

Hi, I want to calibarate my APC SUA1500I, I made serial cable ( 940-0024c ) through normal white serial cable (RS-232) to connect the ups with my laptop but it do not connect to my laptop.... I rechecked many times the cable that I made is correct according to pinout diagram available on internet...

Want to know were the problem that i am facing....

Is that port issue but i have done setting the port also with all requirement.

My Laptop is dell d-630 with windows 7....

Please help me to connect my ups to my laptop


  1. What serial port settings are you using?
  2. Is pinout on your serial cable the normal serial pinout, or the special APC pinout? (Normal serial cable pinout will not work on APC).
  3. Did you test cable with continuity tester to make sure there is no broken connection in cable?

Dear kindly let me know how u figured out dat ur connection is not established with ur ups via ur serial cable dat u made according to apc original serial cable's pin diagram ......... u said u r usin win 7 .......... r u usin powerchute software or any other interface for calibration ........ plus do u no da commands to calibrate da ups .........

Are you using correct pinout configuration for your specific APC model? Different APC models use different cables (different APC part numbers) with different pinouts. All APC models do not use the same cable.

normal usage of apc model is smart ups that comes in 1, 1.5, 2.2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 KVA ......... so with one serial cable u can configure all ...........