APC 1500 problem (Not shifting to AC power)

My APC ups is having a problem and not going to AC power (WAPDA) since 22nd February 2015. It is not charging the batteries and whenever I turn it on it is beeping and battery led is blinking with last light.

I have checked the battery voltages they are showing 24.16.

BELOW is the brief about the load and problem

Batteries are almost 10 months old AGS 165 x 2.

My load is


7 Energy Savers (6x24 1x45) [4 on at same time]

1 LED 11 Watt

1 Zero SOGO

Problem is that it is extensively used in last month because of wedding ceremony at my home also there is much loadshadding during last week 8-12 Hours 2 hours after every 4 hours.

When all the devices are running together ups only display 3 bar on load side.

When I turned the ups it start beeping after 2 or 3 and shows only one light at battery bar and it is also blinking. [i have disconnect the load from the ups] and after self test it goes directly to battery i.e. not on wapda to start the charging the batteries.

I have also talked to dealer, he instructed me to turn on the ups from the wall socket and not from the front panel, leave it for half an hour to ups make the gravity of the batteries then after half an hour start the ups. I did exactly but nothing happened. I left the ups for the whole night and day in same situation the result is when I turned on the ups it shows 4 battery bar then directly goes to 1 blinking bar and start beeping.

UPS is turned off automatically 3 to 4 times before this problem occur.

UPDATE: I have batteries charged from the local auto shop but ups is still in same problem. Also I connect the ups to laptop using the usb cable it is showing unknown device in power chute business edition. Please advice?

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U r usin 1 KVA or 1.5 KVA cuz u mentioned 24.16 Volts. Also tell me if you checked the chargin amperes of UPS. I think thre must be sumthin happened to the chargin side or it might be your main board. Have u bought it refurb or new one.

Why are you callin ur vendor just take the ups to him n let it check.

There should be some problem in hardware. it cost u money to repair it

PM replied..

PS: additional info, your FETs or trasnformer may be the culprit.. in that case, be prepared to shell out a few dolla dolla bills for repairs/

but only from a certified APC dealer or technical person...as advised already in PM.