Anyone with experience of DWN digital TV in lahore?

Anyone with experience of DWN digital TV in lahore?

They say that they are sun Tv rebranded or Sth..

has anyone used DWN or Suntv in lahore region, specifically Allama iqbal town? how is the reception? and do they block indian channels when govt issues notice?

Detailed feedback would be highly appreciated..

Nobody ? :(

I am using it in Karachi. Satisfied with the quality and channel list.

I would recommend you to ask DWN to send their deployment team to install unit at your premises. They will check for signals (more than 65 req for uninterrupted reception) before selling it. Its a better choice than cable by any means.

Yes they block Indian channels, mostly in day times [When there is DANDA from PTA].

PTA can't even give "danda" to telecom operators. So how can they deal with someone not in their domain. It's PEMRA, btw they also not able to do anything else we were enjoying digital cable.

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the sales girl called me and told me they ban the channels when PEMRA says so... 2 hours latter their technician called me and said they never banned any PEMRA rarely ordered them to stop..

the Sales rep girl is highly uninformed on everything.. she said that HD box is necessary to watch SD channels on LED tv because pixels will BLAST...Seriously.. the tech guy was aware of the actual knowledge though... he was smart,, balke "Zarorat se Ziada efficient"..


Do their signals go down sometimes? black outs? is their picture crystal clear? like DVD print? or still have blocky pixels? also are their waves or flakes on their reception? i am extremely concious about the reception, as paying 8k for setup then 500 per month for same low quality cable and a jumping variable channel list is not something i can live with.

Hey farhan i've been using their service for more than a decade now but never ever experience any blackout. signals always stay strong if you are in range but you must stay at line of sight. i mean antenna must be pointed at transmitter all the time and there should be no object like tall plazas or houses. i dont know where their transmitter is in Lahore but you must confirm from their tech guy if you are concerned about reception.

Secondly, yes tech guy was right they rarely close indian channels unless theres a huge pressure from PEMRA which only happens in Isb.

Third, they introduced MPEG-4 technology couple of years ago and started many channels in this format and also shifted few key channels to force people to buy their new HD boxes. she was partially right that you must get HD box to watch SD i.e MPEG-4 channels. but i must warn you quality varies channels to channels. used to be crystal clear in old days but not anymore as they have increased num of channels per frequency. so you'll see lot of blocky pixels on many channels but still some are crystal clear. Waves or ghosting is a problem of analog reception so this is not an issue in this case.

Thank you for such detailed reply..

are you happy with their service?

do they keep shuffling channel numbers on remote? or they remain on same chanle number always

is their settop box easy to configure and advanced in tech? Do i actually need the HD box for SD MP4 channels.. their site says new generation settop box with new decoder.. can you kindly confirm if the new SD box can recieve MP4 channels> or should i go for HD box if it has the best possible results.?

yes i am happy with the quality of service but not with quality of channels. you better go to their office for demo then decide.

They do shuffle channels now and then, but this isnt a big issue. like analog cable you dont need to tune and store channels. theres a channels list to make your life easy. new channels automatically add or replace once you do a scan. then you have option of sorting channels list according to your taste. i prefer Alphabetical order. much easier to find certain channel.

STBs are not much difficult to operate. you can easily configure everything. im not sure if they have non HD MPEG-4 boxes, but HD boxes can run both HD and SD channels in MPEG-4 format plus can also run old MPEG-2 channels. so better get this box to be future safe.

i got some info from current Sun TV users that indian channels are always blocked in lahore on Sun TV whenever there is order from PEMRA... since Sun is now owned by DWN.. is this same with DWN? indian channels blocked most of the time? cz that is what my family mostly watches..

  1. I am happy with the service and channels they are showing.
  2. Outage is very rare.
  3. They do shuffle channels now and then, but sorting is easier.
  4. Not all channels are crystal clear, may be due to increase in numbers, but believe me its far far better than cable tv.
  5. Yes you should get their new STB which supports MPEG-4.
  6. They claim that they have added 2 HD channels, but i think those are only up-scaled not HD.
  7. They now take suggestions/ requests on emails also.
  8. They usually block indian channels during day time in Karachi

TA is correct, its PEMRA not PTA :)

@farhan, these days there are no indian channels here in Islamabad. but there were few a month ago. as i said earlier they do block indian channels in Isb when theres pressure from PEMRA, but have no idea if they do the same in other cities. so thing is if the indian channels all you want then better go for any indian DTH service or you can check local cable's digital service if its available in your area. they usually have all the indian channels.

@shafiq, you are mistaken about their HD channels. they are actually full HD. to confirm that record a little sample on flash drive and watch in pc on Media Player Classic and see the properties of that file.


thank you .. you have almost solved my queery..:)


after your previous detailed reply i had a clear picture what was going on.. i dont need ONLY indian channels.. but colors and sony and some time zee network is watched by family the most.. thats why not going for Dish tv cz would be stuck with indian only.. this DWN was a good compromise which offer both pakistani and indian chanels

again.. Thank you soo much for clearing it all up for me,. now i have definite direction..

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@shafiq, you are mistaken about their HD channels. they are actually full HD. to confirm that record a little sample on flash drive and watch in pc on Media Player Classic and see the properties of that file.


Just noticed that there is only one HD channel currently they showing in Karachi and YES it appears a real HD. Previously i am sure that (in Karachi) they were showing 2 channels as HD but actually were up-scaled.

I see. which channel is it? In Isb we have Ten HD and Star World HD Premier.

Its National Geographic HD.

thats nice. must be from some indian dth like Dish TV or may be Airtel?

^ they say its their own HD broadcast.. and they are soon going to add TEN sports and another sports and 1 entertainment channel to HD.. making 3 this year and more next year..

Yup its their own broadcast disguised in their own brand name and even putting their own logo on top of channels original logo (in case of Star Plus in past) like DWN Drama, DWN Movies etc etc but taking the feed from another source. they are not capable enough to broadcast their own content which isn't a difficult thing to do.

They promise too much but do very little and take years. they started with 50 channels in 2004 and they used to promise more channels in coming months but it took 8+ years to finally increase that number to 70. imagine -_-

despite the whole ok PK now jumping on HD tvs with majority having FTA tuners and HD playback on usb, there is still a huge market easily capturable with DTV ,. if only some one honestly provided the service they promise, they owuld have mass adoption and make millions.. case in point Dish tv, which is even more wildly popular world wide than the much more financially capable tata sky..... wateen had good setup but it was very limited and they rolled back due to no repsonse in market.. that was when there were no LCDs.. now would be a great time for wateen to jump back in, cz world call service and CSR sucks balls, and Nayatel isnt anywhere reachable yet, and DWN has a bad repute from their old Sun tv days..

Sigh :(

We have been using 2 dwn connections in bahria pindi. No complaints and very good quality compared with cable walas.

I like it better than vodeocon disht tv etc as at least channel variety is good. The indian services dont offer pakistani channels. Though their HD boxes are very good in teems of picture quality.

Dwn offers recording option as well on their hd units. I m in lahore they quited me 10k few days back for the installation. Wateen here asks 1500 so might go with those guys.

For now using ptcl iptv on PC

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