Anyone using MacOS x86 on x86 PC?

I want to dual boot Windows 7/XP with MacOS. Has any one done that?

Didn't try as a Dual Boot but did have Leopard in VMWare as a Guest OS on the Host Winodws 7.

Didn't you try youtube videos for the help for dual boot. there is a lot I guess...

Will try dual boot as soon as I get a machine for the experiment..

Just installing MacOS on non-Apple hardware is a pain in itself though. Trust me. I've tried it and its not worth it.

^ Yes I trust it. I have tried and used it but never tried as a dual boot.

Atleast for me; it's purpose is to serve some Mac specific features and functions regarding development. Other wise for general usage there is no beauty in Mac when you install it on your Dell laptop or some other machine.

^ I wanted it so I could develop an iPhone app. Epic fail...

@OP: If you are seriously considering installing Mac OS, then build a computer specifically with components which are known to be supported by Mac OS. You can search and you'll find websites and wiki's dedicated for the purpose of listing supported hardware. Otherwise chances are it won't work.

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^ I wanted it so I could develop an iPhone app. Epic fail…

Seriously ? :confused:

It even can talk to iPhone in a smooth way. Though not having it configured currently…

Even at LUMS they just gave the custom machines to the students to do whatever with them. And they are doing it not on Apple Machines.

I think you should try again…

^ I couldn't get a Hackintosh setup, presumably due to incompatible hardware. iPhone development is very closed and it requires a lot of specifics. Latest iPhone SDK, which requires latest Mac OS, which requires latest Apple hardware, which HAS to be based on an Intel processor system. Its very frustrating and annoying. I had Mac OS running in a VM, but thats not good enough. Just got a Mac mini instead.

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Just got a Mac mini instead.

You should have told me that earlier… :P

The better is what, you’ve got already…


Can you please give me a review about Mac mini. and the full specs you got with the package. You can email me at be image.png I don't want to crap the thread. but if you feel good you can post it here. It might be useful for the OP or any other one.


Theres not much to review. Its your cheapest option if you want to work with Apple stuff. I would highly recommend it for development since its cheap and more than powerful enough to do the job. You can just look up the specs on the Apple website:

I got the cheapest configuration. Pretty standard stuff.

^Yes I have read the specs and ofcourse after you mentioned about it I really thought it be a better choice for development purposes.

I just was about to have an idea if it did a good job for you? and as I guess you are satisfied with it.


^ I have developed on Mac Mini's before as well. Used them fairly extensively at work. I'd say for development purposes, a Mac mini is your best option unless you have money to throw out the window. In which case go for the 27 inch Core i7 iMac! :P

^ 27 inch Core i7 iMac...... Wow...

I'll surely get that if my uncle in Canada send it as gift to me :P

But he'll surely not...... So I think the Mac mini is the good option :P

With the right version iDeneb, iPC or iHackintosh. It is fairly doable. I have ran successfully under VMWare but its freaking slow. MacMini can not be said cheap at 55K+.

I am working on dual booting Mac. Will post results here.

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MacMini can not be said cheap at 55K+.

Ofcourse! but it was considered the cheapest within the range of Apple products when we talked above.

And Yes! for x86, you need actually a right source package to install to go successful.

And please, do post about your experience with dual booting.

i am using snow leopard 10.6.4

my configuration

D945GCLF INTEL ATOM motherboard




generic chinese bluetooth dongle (make sure it got broadcom chipset)

apple bluetooth keyboard (only apple product i really paid for lol)

a4tech bluetooth mouse

22" dell lcd monitor


iatkos S3 V2 "snow leopard" 10.6.3 distro

atom patched kernal

voodoo HD kext for audio

ICH7 chipset fix

main working software list.

MS office 2008 for mac

Safari and Chrome browsers

1 password


adium messenger

apple aperture 3 (better than photoshop)

Bento 3 for personal records etc

and other minor supporting software.

^^ i need the installation tutorial for MAC OS. Can you provide a brief tutorial ?

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^^ i need the installation tutorial for MAC OS. Can you provide a brief tutorial ?

in order for me to guide you, you have to tell me are you trying make a hacintosh out of hardware you already own (then you have to tell me what you got) or are you going to buy hackintosh compatible hardware from the market and build from ground up?

^^ actually i want to learn Apple development that is why i am installing MAC OS .

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^^ actually i want to learn Apple development that is why i am installing MAC OS .

no problem dude here is sthe starting info to build your hackintosh. its as easy as installing windows if you learn the basics of it really good.

apple development hmm… if i assume correctly you are pointing towards MAC OS X SDK or IPHONE iOS SDK. this is something you’ll do when you got fully working hackintosh.

so first you have to build hackintosh first, this is something is very easy to do, only thing which is very important is the hardware, the more pure intel it is, the more success one will have in getting a working hackintosh.


the main difference between PC and MAC now a days is bootloader, PC uses BIOS while Mac uses EFI and thats it. after that all is intel x86 or x64 instructions which windows and Mac OS X are based on. exactly the same way when one installs windows on real mac the program called boot camp does exactly the opposite it creates BIOS environment on EFI based computer.

now for anyone one to install Mac OS X on PC BIOS based hardware, one has to create EFI environment so when you put OS X DVD in there then it thinks that its being installed on real MAC, for this there are many flavors of bootloaders but the most common one is Chameleon (its open source linux based bootloader)

hardware: well if you search the osx86 forums you can just copy the hardware conflagrations of other people whio have successful hackintoshes, osx86 maintains quite good list of hardware. more pure intel it is more easier is to build the hackintosh

just like you need driver for hardware for windows, driver in mac lingo are called kext (kernal extension) they are widely available

"snow leopard" current OS can be retail version or highly customized distro best one is iATKOS S3 V2 10.6.3 distro (use google, i don’t want to get warning from WP admins so no links here)

thats it. you really don’t need to be software expert to make a hackintosh, google just use the same hardware as others have made successfully, youtube is full of tutorials, and follow the instructions of how to install.