Anyone using ALERTPAY in Pakistan?

Anyone using it to withdraw cash? If yes then can you tell me if you can withdraw the funds as cash which they send in your Credit Card.

Yes i m Using and Working like a Rocket :D

Hey omi, have you used it to withdraw funds through credit card or what option do you use? Please advice me since i need to withdraw some funds through it. Can they send money to my credit card? they have an option for that.

Anyone else using it?

Alertpay charges 5$ for Credit Card withdrawal and it will take 25$ for bank wire.

Bankwire takes 1-2 weeks for the funds to arrive in your account.

Credit Cards withdrawal might not work in PK as most credit cards dont work online...

Someone please tell me which bank is best for withdrawing Alertpay cheque in Pakistan ??

Or do I need to open a US account or will my local pakistani account work ???

and how much tax will my local bank deduct ???

Please reply soon



You should use Standard bank debit card. Attach it with you alertpay account then withdraw your money through debit card alertpay will deduct 5$ per transaction and it will take 3 to 4 days for completing transaction.