Anyone Tried as a hosting providero

I have tried there services, They have cheapest and relaible VPS in Pakistan. But Hope they will also decrese the price.

Nop, i think hostgator also have reasonable VPS services.

No way, They provide cheapest VPS services in Pakistan. They have data server in 3 different location including Germany , Poland and Pakistan as well

Yes zada i try them
Used their hosting + vps as storage server of my media files, i run my local news reporting project and in this they help me alot.
I start using or after found their cs 1.6 server then i hear about obhost and their service. i think the company is founded in Pakistan and working in USA and Pakistan both.
no doubt their support is instant and best, i recommend them as i found they are good company in Pakistan.

Using them from 3.8 years +1 for them

This is my experience what about you?