Anyone Scrobble ( here at all?

For those who aren't in the know, is a scrobbling service (no idea where the name comes from), which tracks what music you play, how often. Now most people wouldn't care, but for music junkies this is a bit of a treasure chest. iTunes tends to do this as well, but in a not-as-intuitive fashion nor does it retain data after a reinstallation.

If you are a scrobbler, post your profile URL here. Mine is

I just found out that they provide a image-based charts service as well!:


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Nice, you are definitely a rocker.

Had not heard of anything by Porcupine Tree, but “Trains” seems to be a really good track.

Trains is probably the best song I've ever heard! It just lifts you up!

Check out Blackest Eyes, Small Fish, Lightbulb Sub, Collapse the Light into the Earth.

The amazing thing is, there is not a single Porcupine Tree track that I do not like!

If you ever need their music, let me know. I'll just mail it to you. :

These days, I'm really into a little band known as Hammock. The music just relaxes you and takes you in. I highly recommend it.

I stopped scrobbling. You need to listen to a song half-way through before your data gets uploaded... at times, I don't want to listen to it half-way through and store the data side-by-side, so I stopped scrobbling.

But what DSP do you guys use (for Winamp)?