Anyone recommends this UPS?

Hello All,

This year I'm looking to get a UPS for my home usage, I've come across the Pakistani brand SYSTEK, I went to their office in Islamabad and the guy there recommended me ECP-303 model (800VA) for 3 fans and 3 energy savor bulbs.

Their product broacher is ( There is some technical detail at the last page like charger type, boost charger etc. I hope some Engineer here will be able to help me to decide if the specs of this UPS are good or not.

The price given to me for this ECP-303 UPS is 9,500.

They are recommending FB batteries with their UPS as they say they have almost no complain from the customers. The FB 100AH battery costs around the same price as the UPS.

I've never heard of FB brand batteries are they good or should I choose AGS UPS batteries given at their website or Volta or anyother.


i have a 3 year old FB 85amp battery thats still good, but i recommend your get osaka. my 110amp osaka battery is still good after 5+ years.

i checked out the technical specifications on the ups, they are pretty standard, nothing exceptional but acceptable.

btw you may wanna check out the cheaper locally assembled ups's, they are considerably cheaper i think a 2000 watt one costs around 10k, and the performance is pretty much the same as a "branded" one.

Thank you for your valuable input. I don't have nice experience with desi UPS. Nowadays the cost of desi UPS is soaring in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Even this UPS is sold at 10,500. I was able to get 1000 discount because my organization is getting some UPS from them.

Hello Imran,

Spec wise the UPS looks good. I noticed that the transfer time is low enough that you can run your PC on it as well, I mean the PC will not reboot at switch over from mains to UPS. However, since each UPS is built differently, I can not say how reliable it will be. You can ask somebody who already has this UPS for that info.

As far as battery goes, everybody recommends a different one, so just pick one at recommendation of someone you trust. I recommend you get a battery of at least 140 AH. For your load and 1 hr run time, a 140 AH battery will not drain too much and so will last longer.

Sir there is another company with the name digitech i have been using its ups for one year and its been quite good .....great think about it is tha i have to connect one battery (12v) with 1500va power which almost like 900 watts they have two series ultra is used with computer . apart from some minor glitches it has worked great i have connected AGS 200 ups battery ...and its been 14 months . but i donot know if its available at your city ...


Their client list, if true, shows their products must be reliable. Can you give us an idea about the price of their home products or the one you bought from them.


Thank you for the reply. But I think Digitech UPS are not available in Rawalpindi and I don't have any connections in Lahore to get them.

Anyhow there is another company in Islamabad that provides branded UPS (

Its a Karachi based company with operations all over Pakistan.

Today I called their office and found that their prices are almost similar to the Systec products and they recommend the use of Exide or AGS batteries.

One difference between their UPS and the one by Systec is that the Saltech UPS has Input Reset-able circuit breaker, and is able to cold-start. I wonder what their use is???

These two options were missing in Systec UPS. The rest of the features are same.

well buy localy made UPS they are low cost and reliable mine is working for 3 year :)

i think you can buy APC brand ups .SUA1500I. APC Smart-UPS, 980 Watts / 1000 VA,Input 230V / Output 230V, Interface Port DB-9 RS-232, SmartSlot, USB Includes: CD with software, Smart UPS signalling RS-232 cable, USB cable, User Manual

i think the apc ups is very well .

Assalam u alikum all

Went through the whole discussion and found it quite helpful in solidifying my concepts about UPS'

considering my case, I have installed an APC ups 950w/1400va with two 85AH AGS batteries after enough research of local market and internet blogs. The performance regarding the output is much better than those local ups( quite obvious) and the efficiency is too good. i found it to be around 90%, local ups being 60% around.

The issues come up with the charging. Since the this 1400VA is made for 17Ah battery. so this is my real concern as it governs the life of my battery.

The charger has a maximum current of 5A, so its slow as compared to local chargers releasing 20A burst. But as far as its working fine, that wont effect the battery life.

But my question is would it be charging the batteries upto 85A or 17A? I had a discussion with one of my teachers, who says that the charger, charges the battery accord to its capacity, and voltage differences of the battery i.e. it estimates the capacity accord to the battery voltage. Today i brought a hydrometer. Its local, with only volts mention and no specific gravity values:S. I am not sure about the accuracy of it.

I had very rough day with light today. 4 hours of loadshedding. I checked the battery, when the ups was indicating more than 80% charging. but accord to hydrometer, the specific gravity was in red zone, and the volts of battery accord to hydrometer were 11.5( said to be dead) at this red level. I will check it up tomorrow. Buts this testing only aggravated my problem and concern. Please any body shower some light upon my concerns, whether they are right or just miscalcuations?

I also noted down some results to check out the charging routine

I took the reading at 6AM early morning with batteries charged night long.

Since Apc operates over 24V so here i will give the individual voltages of two of my batteries

with UPS connected: Open circuit voltage:

1st battery: 13.5 V 12.8 V

2nd battery: 13.4 V 12.8 V

I am not sure about the accuracy of my gravity meter but it should the voltage being 11.8V.

I mention again here, my hydrometer have no scaling for the Specific gravity, only voltages are mention, its local so its natural to have somthing like this

Please any body comment about it? Are the batteries are charging fully?

do these voltages shower some light upon it?

u should use ags

i recommend you to get a KESC residential connection

a simple way to convert any Squar wave (desi/imported) UPS into Sine wave UPS. i tried it with my APC-500 old UPS it worked great. guys don't waste money in buying expensive sine wave UPS


A step by step guide or audio explanation would be much better.


sir i got mine digitech ups for Rs 11,500 its 1500va with 13 months warrenty in 2009 i donot know current prices .this company is also karachi based