Anyone please help me

can anyone describe my values i really need to understand this as i am not getting "tasalli baksh downspeed" i bearly reach 100kbps where as it floats from 91 to 98kb all times i will be very thankful

Ask your exchange DSL manager to upgrade your line rate of download to new parameters of 1500 kbps , then you will be able to get aroud 120 to 130 KB download.

but as i came to know here 1.5mbps give around 190kb and is this upgradation available in lahore?

first of ov all wats your package. your speed and line are perfectly fine. Wat do you want out of it???

i have student package 1mb i used to get 125 kb from it . now it floats between 77 to 88kb on torrent and also on idm. i want back the most out of 1mb

it's normal nothing unusual here.

i have student package 1mb i used to get 125 kb from it . now it floats between 77 to 88kb on torrent and also on idm. i want back the most out of 1mb

bro its nothing to worry about..there's an overall speed degradation going on at PTCL end for quiet sometyms now. It may get back to normal. We all know theoretically its around 128Kb/s at Max but these days its below 100 or 105. So wait...

bro u said u get these days 100 or 105kb but i still not get these ones too i get about 45kb to 77kb now

i said its below 100 and 105...if you still don't satisfaction then lodge a complaint. And they may enhance your will surely give you better speed.

i lodged 4 complaints went to the exchange but in vain.......

just went to exchange and got the confirmed news that ptcl student package is "shared" and the !@#$%^& yelled at me that as it is "shared connections" so downrate will "vary" between 40 to 100+kbps HOLY #$%# i have been using student package since early 2008 and have been downloading continuous straight at 115kb THATS NOT FAIR #$%# U PTCL #$%#

Hmm.... Since when is 1meg SP shared?

dont know but the man who came to check my connection said it has been made shared since 2 3 months i think and a 512kb package is going to be launched in a few days too

simply call the 1218 and tell them this whole story. And afterwards tell them that i'm paying for the said 1M package. Wat so ever is the reason let it be the sharing or anything. I'm paying for 1M so i should get 1M. or else consumer court.!

Same problem with me earlier my profile 4096\1020 now its 1024\253 profile ..i also get the speed average 85KB earlier its was 100+ KB constant i know its due to the profile ...i am on student package..any body tell how we convince to increase only profile rate ......

Anyone else on student package confirm this? Because a friend of mine's profile has also been set to 1024/256 (student package)

same here bro for 2.5+ years i have been using 4096\1024 profile on 1MB STUDENT PACKAGE and i was fully satisfied for what i was paying for but in this year early i got some buffering problem and the i called a dsl maintainer he came to my house and checked my system then other than discussing the specific problem with me he called the exchange on his mobile phone and said something like this "ji yeh mein port apko forward kar raha hoon is phone number ki 042XXXXXX(my number) yeh refresh kar dein" then he restarted the computer and router then he checked again from youtube and said now buffering and browsing is ok and was gone then i opened the router configuration page and i saw some thing this specific change known as the "profile rate change" actually my profile was downgraded to the "REAL" 1mb profile 1024\253 since then the browsing has been fine but i have become sick of huge floats in downloading speed........all i need is my 4096\1024 profile back somehow and i am sure that then my problem will be solved because i have confirmed that on 4096\1024 profile i was downloading continuous at 100+kb and on 1024\253 i am downloading on max 80kb yes max 80kb

if no one cares about loss in these "SOME KB SPEED" ill laugh at his brains because i do care n i know how much even 1kb matters because i have used dialup for many many years

i know ptcl will not be convinced anyhow on changing profile but i need this change i dont know how to

look i know its bad but its the right thing. at first they didn't have much customers and were okay with giving away high profiles. most of 1M customers were on 4M profile. After 2-3 heavy traffic congestions they realized that they have to put ports in compliance with packages. So they started experimenting slight high profile rates on most of the packages i.e 1M allotted 1536/384 and rest accordingly. Now last month another congestion strike hit PTCL's networks, now they have reverted to some kind of Plan B which i'm not fully aware of. New setup is inline and new equipment is set-in to overcome the crisis. And i'm guessing that normal 1M packages will be given 1.5M profile whereas, student package due to high user density will be set at 1024/256 profile rate..hope things get a bit clear now.

i also asked the man that rumors are spreading around that u have changed profiles of 1mb to 1.5 mb. he said that all uve heard is wrong we didnt change anything all that happened is this that 512 kb package is going to be launched and the connection is shared u will get varying speed max 80 to 90 no more than 90 and said bhool jao purana waqt company has done all this changing and no one can blame the company or its employees!!!