Anyone playing Microsoft Flight?

To those who don't know, Microsoft Flight is the latest game in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. It was officially released on February 29th 2012. You can read it's wiki right here.

So, anyone tried it? It's F2P (Free-to-play), so you don't have to look for any torrents. You can download it right here.

It has mediocre reviews as of yet, so it might not be as good as the original ones. But it's free, so who cares?

I'm gonna try it later & tell you guys more about it. Maybe I'll even write a short review. B)

Just love the flight simulation games well sadly i didnt like this Microsoft Flight game. :( Not a good experiance.. basically this game doesnt have jets just game for a kid to play for my little brother :P:D

Seriously speaking this isnt a simulator.