Anyone knows what's wrong between Aatif and Jal band?

I watched a video in which one of Jal's member was abusing the solo singer of the same band. I was unable to figure out why these guys split?

Pride/jealousy I guess...

^ agreed. He got too big. Other band members can't stand it.

Pride, jealousy and ego.

Atif Aslam and the Chipmunks

"Punjab College ke students hotay he shoday hain" :P, The first pakistani band who split even before the release of their first song.

LOL.. i didn't know that they split before the release of 1st song but i guess money makes you proud. I don't know who's right and who's wrong neither i am here to judge anyone but i believe it would have been better to see them together. Although the new vocalist of Jal (don't know his name maybe Farhan) is much much better than Atif in terms of vocals.

"Atif bhi punjab college ka hai?"

The problem is that our celebrities can't handle fame. It goes to their head. That's why all the bands in West have "independent" managers. Both Atif and Gohar are egoistical dorks. Gohar wanted to sing songs in the band's album, even though his voice sucks. And Atif wanted his brother to be the manager of the band. One thing led to another and the band broke apart. Thats what i heard.

all bands eventually split up, including local ones. There are too many personality clashes within a band to get them to stick together. Look at the beatles, led zeppelin, junoon, police, eagles, clash, journey etc etc.

i think the dispute between them is that gohar compose the songs and atif's brother was the manger of jal band . and they played politics against gohar and not give him the right place in band which gohar deserve .. i think thats the reason ... may b this is not the fact ... but which i was heard i am sharing here .

I have respect for both singers.. Both are great !