Anyone know how to edit ".rms" file?

OK so I've been playing a game (World at Arms by Gameloft) on my Nokia Asha 206. i like the game but am pissed about low coins and i decided to tweak it's files to see where it goes. but files are in ".jad", ".jar" and ".rms" format.

I tried to open them in notepad, Hexeditor and cheat engine and all i see there is gibberish going way over my head. -_-

any advice on this will be really helpful.

Anyone? :wub:

.rms file is the saved data of the game. So it must contain the last saved coins count. The only question is, how was it saved. A plain number? A coded number? Or what?

Here is what you can do. Run the java game file on an emulator on PC which supports saves etc. Save the game, copy the .rms file created on save to some other place, back to game, save with one more coin taken or lost immediately and compare the two saved .rms files in hex editor. That should give you a good picture on what has changed with the difference of one coin in the save file. With a bit of luck, you may figure out what byte stores the number of coins and in what correspondence.

I ran it on a simulator, it uses its own configuration file. so i had to make the change in mobile and import it again but couldn't notice a visible change in .rms files :(

After some research ( "googling how to edit *.rms file" a thousand time) I've figured .rms isn't a standardized format, so no editor.

Only way to edit is to learn Java :unsure:

And one more thing. there are like a million hack for the games available online but all requires to complete a survey <_<, maybe its some kind of conspiracy.

Of course rms is not a standardized format. It is a save data container for any Java program and the program itself has to decide how and what to store in it.

Visible change is not going to help. You have to compare both versions of rms byte by byte in a hex editor like WinHEX.

its same in the hexeditor. just crazy symbols. alien text