Anyone here using HTC Desire HD?

I am considering purchasing one and although I have read many reviews on various websites, I would like someone with a first-hand experience of this handset and its performance specifically with our local networks.

For example, I have observed that many users complain of its abysmal battery life, probably due to the 1230 mAh battery instead of the recommended 1400 mAh battery, but most of these users are probably running the handset on a 3G network so in our case this may not be a real problem.

How is the HTC hardware performance and how are the local distributor with warranty issues?

Gr8 phone.. VERY good speed. and the people who complain about the battery ..well they r right.

Battery time is horrible even if you dim the screen brightness( which btw uses up more than 50% of the juice cos of da massive screen ) disable all da background apps and syncing.

If u dont mind charging it on daily basis and not much of a talker then go for it.Just keep an extra charger at your work place .But if you use ur fone for frequent calls then its just not for u .Other than the battery life and the sim back cover which easily cracks when u open it for da first time its a really good set.

A 3rd party company is manufacturing an extended battery of 1800mah for it though so buying dat wud give u a couple of hours more of standby time.

@Wolverine123, do you have Facebook for HTC Sense enabled? I used to - then turned it off. Got a battery boost of about 60% on my HTC Desire (no HD or Z). I'll suggest you turn it off too.

Why? There's a bug floating around that seems to not follow the sync settings too well.

People say turning it off fixes it, although some say that turning it off and then going back also fixes it. I'm sick of Facebook so I turned it off - and Facebook for HTC Sense doesn't upload hi-res images anyway...

You can turn it off by clearing the data in the applications settings menu.

@shaheerk... I restored back to the factory settings and didnt signup for htc sense.. it doesnt sync in da background..display is all da way down to 11% wifi used only when required..bluetooth aswell... did anything and everything dat cud save battery..But da display still uses up alot of juice just because of its massive size. 1250maH was just NOT enough... even my Nokia e71 has 1500mah battery .. A phone dis power hungry should've had a 3000mah battery..they cud've easily done it by making da whole of the back cover a battery.that way the fone wud've still be as thin but more power efficient.

Lots of new android phones were announced at CES in Jan, might as well wait a bit if buying a new phone now.

Battery life - get an extra battery plus external charger and buy a battery sucking phone, large screens are worth the battery drain!

@Wolverine - that is rather strange. I manage to run a whole day (with normal usage, both EDGE and wifi on at different times - depending on if I have wifi access). Of course, if I start playing Angry Birds, it'll drain down even quicker (beats me why). But if I don't use much of it - say, a few calls and some texting, I can stretch it to two days (with the data connection ON but not necessarily actively used)

And as KO said (can I call you "knock out!" please? ;) ), there are a whole bunch of Android phones spewing out all the time... hec, dual core phones will hit the market fairly soon (if news reports are anything to go by)

I was using one htc desire hd its great but its time to buy " HTC Incredible S ".

it looks cheap but its not...

Wait a while, the Gingerbread updates for HTC are coming out. The Desire is EXPECTED to get updated in April or May.

incredible s is there. ufone introduced it with brightex. price just 46k