Anyone got solution for a virus?

my system effects with a virus called something like Ravmon or Ravmone my PC folders open in new window everytime and also changed my Hard disk context menu "open" "explore" "search" into a weird language Please HELP me someone :D

Install an antivirus. :/

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Install an antivirus. :confused:

i tried kaspersky norton trendmicro defender but wont get success

NOD32 antivirus is the solution to your problem. Install it, update it, scan your system and forget all you virus problems.

Put your HDD in some other PC which already has an antivirus installed as a non-booting HDD and scan your hard disk on it.

FrieNd Plz InstaLL AvasT AntiVirus Or AviRa Antivirus.

i had the same problem solved by avast antivirus

search google for the fix after finding out the exact virus name

there are chances the antivirus might not fix it fully and the folders will keep opening in new window

The virus is Ravmon.EXE

Follow This procedure

Start > run > "cmd.exe"

Type the following


dir /ahr

Now post a screenshot here. I'll be able to help you root out the virus manually (kudos to DOS), hopefully.

try using hijackthis.exe and fix the suspicious file..u can get the easy tutorials of using hijackthis from but be sure that hijacjthis.exe will show the regidtry files and u must know what u are deleting!!!!

be careful otherwise your window will get corrupted!!!

--install zone alarm security suite registered (available in local 30 rs cd), it comes with antivirus

--disable your windows firewall before installing

--when ever u try to istall a software from cd or download software from online, it will detect the virus and ask u what position to take...

--thats it,


people go for this virus scan or that virus whatever,,why bother,,when a small software like zone alarm (which has a firewall as well) will do it for u

problem solved by post #8 thanks all of U for try to help.

I Am a Virus destroyer :P