Any Yanni's fans here?

I just love his music. I was wondering if there are any similar musicians - a Yanni's fan would know. :)

Ethnicity was a cool album overall, but I like nostalgia the most.

Yesss.. Yanni is cool. I have three of his old albums, and his tune "With an Orchid" is my all time fav.

I'm also interested in knowing about similar musicians, so please share.

oh man I listened to his music alot. I had like all of his work. but then I kindda lost interest in music....

Awesome composer. Definitely one of the best. Listen to quite a bit of his work.

Not a big Yanni fan but i think i have all of his albums.....

Kinda feels like gay-ish when exposed to prolonged yanni music IMO :|


I listened to Yanni some 10-12 years ago when I bought one of his album. It was something like "Yanni live in......"

Awesome music no doubt!

well i was a dopehead a couple of years ago and i loved yanni... along with that i would listen to beethoven for long time too...

Wow.. I didn't expect so many of his fans here. Cool! So any recommendations of similar music? :)

try to get this album,

"oxygene" by Jean Michel Jarre, (a classic in my view)

its hard to find but if u r a yanni fan u will hopefully like it

link me to Yanni who is this Yanni?

i m the fan for a long time :P

even recently i was using yannis caller tune on my warid number and many people like the music when they call , but now i put Islamic Caller tunes .