Any way i can bypass the Port 5060 Restriction?

Hi, i am based in Lahore. Using PTCL and Witribe. My employer has granted me a RingCentral account and wants me to make/receive calls. PORT 5060 is blocked by both the ISPs. Please let me know the most cost effective way to bypass this restriction.

I am neither a Call Center nor Well versed in this area. Any help or tips will be highly appreciated.

You can always contact the ISP provider and ask them to open the required port for you or contact an ISP that does open the port.

The 2nd option would be to get a vps server from some hosting provider who should be able to open any port required.

Hope this helps.

I agree to hosterpk

Haven’t heard from any other members if it is working at all.

Its not the PTCL or another ISP. Voip is blocked by PTA/Govt.

Perhaps VPN would allow But still VPN is not allowed as well.

Get NTN, Firm registration, PSEB License, static IP, a CIR connection and then fight with PTA to get this port unblocked!!! I have done all that to get my VOIP white listed. Welcome to Pakistan bro!!!!!!!!

You could use your router to port farward your port 5060 to whatever port is open and use your voip without any trouble. You dont need a VPN. Even if you did get a VPN your call quality would be pethetic to say the least.

Just so you know that when you open a port for VOIP you need to have a good firewall in place to stop any intrusions.

I have never used Ringcentral so cant say much but Skype client has an option to choose the incoming and outgong ports manually. Works like a charm.