Any tweak trick magic to increase upload speed in ptcl

Any tweak trick or magic to increase upload speed in ptcl dsl? since 1 month am testing speed and getting it 1.5 mbps downlink & upload 0.18 mbps but line they installed is 1MB is that my computer pranking at me or it just really they increase my download speed btw my internet downloading speed is just like v8 Corvette these days don't know what happens


as compared to your 4mb than i think my 1mb uplink is fine which is about 25 to 35 kbps

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Bro , don’t Know about How to increase the upload speed, but i think if your Line Noise Mrg values of upstream would be lower n downstream values would be higher , then you can Get maximum download n upstream .

at 4MB DSL i am getting 4mb Download , e- 470KB -495kB/s n Upload is 1.25 to 1.55 Mb/S = 135KB/s to 165 Kb/s


That’s very nice Uploading speed at your end, i never got passed 100KB/s on 4Mbps .

I do get upload speed of 110KB/s often, but from morning my rates have been messed up. Upload is syncing at 512 :(

On Avg i gets 180-200 KB/s Upload on Nitro....


i am happy with my speed

DSL or EVO ?