Any Tips for Buying Used Mehran

Salam Guys,

I want to buy a used mehran VX 2003-04 model, my budge it 320,000/- max. If any one who knows technically things about this legend vehicle please share. I never had a car before and would be this one my first. Is it ok if I buy one from dealer because they are notorious for selling crap to people specially who are novice & exceited about their first ride like me.

So what is the check list to make sure that it would be less likely to create any trouble after I bought one. Like how to check following

1. Engine,

2. Transmission,

3. Steering,

4. Electrical System,

5. Interior,

6. Suspension,

7. CNG,

8. Registration & File for Duplicate or Fraud,

9. Accident,

10. Bodywork/paint,

11. Engine Cooling System or any thing else please advise.

On other hand I know that a mechanic should be fine for this. But I want to know the things myself from the experience & knowledge of guys who own this or ever had this living legend.

Thanks in Advance.

Dear Usman, I have mahran car...this is the simple car but beat for Pakistani roads plus cost can take mechanic with you...on this forum it is not possible to tell you every detail...only time can teach you things about cars.. My regards

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Mehran is the most crap moving engine body ever made... cant even call it a car cuz it doesnot deserve to be called anything respectable for its price..

for what this dabba is worth, company should price it 320000 for a new car... that is all it should be priced.

Rants aside.

this forum might be of little help to you.. your best option is Pakwheel forum.. which is a specific vehicle community.. and you can even find used cars...

^ Whats cheap in this country? do you think corolla is worth 22lakhs?

atleast a car has Shocks... mehran has khoti rehri wale kammaniyan..!!

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atleast a car has Shocks... mehran has khoti rehri wale kammaniyan..!!


Kammaniyan lasts forever and much suitable for pak! roads

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^ Whats cheap in this country? do you think corolla is worth 22lakhs?


and that very 22 lakh corolla high end altis comes with just only one driver side airbag.

in america lowest end corollla starts at 16.8 lakh and comes "standard" with 8 safety airbags for both passenger and driver side front and side impact airbags and also for rear seat passegers.!/Welcome


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Kammaniyan lasts forever and much suitable for pak! roads


but your Spine does not..!!!

XLI and GLI difference? ABS and difference of price tag is more than 1-1.5 lakhs.We are earning from everything here.

I will try to answer the original poster's question which indeed

needs to be taken seriously. I will state what little I know. Others

are welcome to correct me, where I am in error and add their

own valuable insights.

01. Body

Corrosion usually starts near the bottom and works itself up.

Check the wheel wells, under the doors. Inside the lip of the

boot, under the spare tire, the hood, etc. Ask the dealer if it's

been re-painted. If yes, the car may have been in an accident.

In that case, you will find welding marks inside the doors, boot,

hood that may tell you how severe an accident it really was.

You may also need to take out the carpeting and look at the

foot wells for welding. In that case, the car may be a goner.


02. Engine

Old cars will have worn-out rings/pistons inside the engine.

Check the mileage of the car. If it is nearing 160K kilometers

it is in for an engine overhaul (rings re-machined & pistons

changed, etc).

If smoke is coming out of the car's exhaust, if the engine

makes knocking sounds upon acceleration, if you can see

dark oil deposits either beneath, or inside the engine, it all

may allude to engine problem(s).

03. Suspension, Strut, Ball-Joints, Shocks, Etc

Press down on the hood and boot of the car. Ideally, it

should go down and come up --slowly, in a controlled

fashion. If it isn't responsive, or bounces, shocks are gone.

Take it for a ride on a bumpy street. If you can feel the pot-

holes up your spine, shock problem. If the car falls into a

pothole and spins (slightly) either to the right or left and

momentarily seems to go out of yrou control, you have

suspension problems. Beware.

04. Radiator, Generator, Hose Pipes

Take the car out on a drive, with the A/C on full. Watch

the temperature gauge. It should stay behind the half-way

mark. Does the car start on the first attempt ?. If it takes

more than a couple of tries, either the battery or generator

(previously called dynamo) is failing. Open the hood and

look at the radiator. Is it rusty ?. Touch the coils. Are they

crumbling ?. Do they look clean and open, or nearly closed

with dirt & grime ?. Feel all the rubber hose pipes inside

the engine. They should feel supple and pliable. If they

feel dry, stiff (like paapRi) they can spring a leak anytime.

05. Boots, 'Kenchi', Muffler

Underneath the engine, to the sides, are steering rods

that control the wheels. To protect the ball-bearings, they

have rubber boots (look like accordions) on them. If they

were ever punctured (which is quite often owing to the dirty

KHI streets) dirt can get inside and mess-up the ball bearings.

To check the boots, take the car for a spin. Make sharp right

and left turns. Pull the steering all the way to the right & left.

Can you hear a "kut-kut-kut" sound ?. If you do, beware.

Another thing is the 'Kenchi". It's a triangular piece that

connects your wheels to the body of the car. Hoist the car

on a jack and check them for rust & corrosion. If the car

has been poorly maintained, these 'kenchis" can break off

and cause a terrible accident.

Mufflers are the exhaust for a car. There is a long, winding

metal tube which carries the exhaust from the engine all the

way to the back. Hoist the car on a jack, get underneath

and inspect the pipe & muffler for rust, for damage.

06. Interior, Rubber Packing, Clutch, Brakes

Watch for any wear & tear on the rubber packing that goes

around doors. It's pretty expensive to replace. Makes sure

the seats aren't torn (they usually hide them under covers).

See everything works inside the car, from the cig lighter, clock

instrument panel lights, etc.

Clutch plates easily wear off under a bad driver. See at

which precise position does the clutch engages with the

engine. The deeper the engage/disengage, the more worn

the clutch-plate. Same with the brakes. If it is soft and only

works past the half-way point, then either it needs new brake

shoes or re-adjustment. Put on the handbrake. If it takes

more than a couple of clicks to engage, it also needs to be


07. Gear Box

There has always been talk of car dealers putting wood

shavings in gear boxes of older model cars. That way, for a

few months they can make the gears seem smooth. But after

the shavings stop working, the gear box falls apart. There

really is no way to check for it. A mechanic may guide you


I think that's about all that comes to mind right now. Others,

if they feel so inclined, may shed more light on this important


Sheikh 'Baleela' Chilli

Take the car to a trusted mechanic and have the car inspected by him before you buy not after. He can advise you about the condition of the car

i'll add little more to sheikh chili awesome practical inside.

So called rebadged Mehran is technically 2nd generation Alto manufactured between 1984 and 1988, it was discontinued .25 years ago,(current alto iin 2013 is in 7th gen outside pakistan), technologically 99.9% nothing is changed its the same 25 years old car with just fuel injection being efi. So you'll be buying car which really belong in musium rather tnan on road in 2013,

since this is tech forum so the comparison from today in 2013 where we got 5th gen haswell i7 extreme 64bit CPU, xbox and playstation game console instead of that in 2013 you'll be buying 8 bit Commodore 64 computer or Atari 2600 game console this computer tech was cutting edge at the era of 2nd gen Alto or may i say Mehran.

one thing more current alto being sold in pakistan in 2013 are also discontinued fifth gen Alto 1998 to 2004

for further research click below:

2nd gen alto or so called mehran discontinued

5th gen alto discontinued

current 7th gen 3009 and present.


Sheikh Chilli gave very detailed precautions for car buyers, without mentioning word "mehran" in entire post, and you just raping mehran car & haven't yet even make direct statement to OP (in simple you torlling)

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entire post, and you just raping mehran car & haven't yet even make direct statement to OP (in simple you torlling)


i have given enough facts about this car which should result in not buying this junk crap. even not looking at even not thinking about it and even taking word mehran out of brain memory, ireally hope i have succede in that

OP buy reconditioned imported car like vitz when first imported they cost like 6.5 to 8 lakhs depending on specs to buy for the first local owner. thousands of these vitz are back in the market again for the second time being sold by first local owner, which you could easily haggle to 4 lakhs., even though your stated range is 3.2 lakh but 80k more investment would buy you quality which gonna go long way.

okay good shah jee keep it up but if you go more civilized these cars you mentioned are city cars and owned by hotel delivery services in Normal countries gora people would not drive these with their family on highways

[quote=“armada, post:15, topic:20150”]

okay good shah jee keep it up but if you go more civilized these cars you mentioned are city cars and owned by hotel delivery services in Normal countries gora people would not drive these with their family on highways


armadaji given prices are charged in pakistan which is considered normal is extreme daka grand theft, when OP wrote 3.2 lakh most of us will jump and say thats too low for car, to be honest 3.2 lakh rupees is very big amount in terms of what one will pay for cars in pakistan,

cars are not expensive at all its the local assemblers monopoly to offer sub-standard cars in highest prices and secondly govt custom duties which makes cars impossible to buy for majority, thats the only reason. " well cars themselves are extremly cheap."


given dollar hovering around at 100 rupees in average so lets see in gora country (your words) USA what 3200 dollars will get you in japanese SUZUKI.

2006 used Fully loaded automatic SUZUKI FORENZA 3000 dollars (3 lakh rupees);_ylt=AkM3WTDMy2vDgneeeMfH4FtpVI54;_ylv=3

2002 USED fully loaded automatic Suzuki XL-7 limited editition 3500 dollars (3.5 lakh rupees);_ylt=Aotx4FSwRSItV6ilE_ENnJ9pVI54;_ylv=3

Automobiles Mafia and corrupt government working together shahji now China is making significantly improved cars with Japanese engine and gears inside e.g. Recently launched mid size seden car by geely '' emgrand'' which i bet cost not more 4lacs

And tax on importing car for individual is 150% of total vehicle price and can't import older than 5 years '' like here we have german engineered highly advanced roads which could be ruin by old cars

If government lifts taxes and duties on importing cars then even patisa seller sell his patisa on Korean Chevrolet Cruz or hyundai accent kia rio geely emgrand sangyung rexton etc' fck suzuki a fail car maker in Europe and middle east regions

Its Korea taking over on everything Internet with psy gangnum style mobile phones with Samsung cars with kia hyundai


totally agree with you, you mentioned korean kia and hyndai well they make awesome automobiles.

This nation living in fireless hell before even the judgment day :D

I have owned Mehran 2004 VXL with Factory fitted CNG and AC, bought it brand new. I had kept it for 2 years and as soon as bank lease period finished, I sold it out.

Mehran is OK as a first car within your budget as you have no other choice. You may buy a Margalla in this price but that will be an older model and most likely everything would be worn out.

Sheikh Chilli has already given you a good guide. In addition to his suggestions, I will just add few more tips.

So before you decide to buy, observe the following:

1) If you are in Rawalpindi / Islamabad, try to buy a car with Islamabad registration.

2) If in Lahore, try to buy from DHA area, the cars from that area are relatively clean, mostly free from any denting / re-paint etc.

3) Always buy car from the person who has got it registered in his own name, Don't buy car on open transfer letter thing. Try to buy from first or max second owner. Check the registration book, it should be original, not have any stamp like "Duplicate" or "Triplicate". It is very hard to sell a car with duplicate registration book once you decide to dispose it off. All receipts/stamps of annual tax payments should be on the registration book.

4) Stay away from sellers who ask you to come to this market or that place and he will come there. They are trying to hide their place. Don't make such deals on roads.

5) Ask for service record, you will be lucky if any seller has service record because it shows how timely the routine maintenance has been performed.

6) Observe the interior and exterior, a well kept car should be neat and clean. Torn out seat covers and damaged interior are generally a sign of carelessness and same would be true for engine and body parts under the car.

7) Open the engine cover/hood and look at the engine. There should be no signs on leaked water around pipes, leaked break oil, sticky dirt due to engine oil leaks. If the engine is in such dirty condition, most likely there has been no care about the consumables as well (filters, timely oil change)

8) Start the car, open the hood and listen for any strange noises from engine. The engine sound should not have irregular sound, it should be smooth. Irregular noises come out from ball bearings, inlet and exhaust valves, connecting rods (all these parts hidden inside the engine).

9) If the engine is not already too hot, you may use a cleaning cloth and open the the radiator cap. Now while engine is start, there should be no bubbles coming out from the radiator water / coolant. If you see bubbles, it is a sure sign that head gasket is leaked and part of the engine exhaust is leaking to water body.

10) Turn off the engine, open the plastic cap of engine oil filling point and look for any kind of foam like deposit. If you see any foam, bubbles on the bottom of oil cap then it is a clear indication of radiator water and engine oil mixing up.

11) Take the car to an open place where you can drive it in a circle. Fully turn the steering wheel to left and drive in a circle. Then fully turn to right and do the same. In both directions, there should be no strange sounds. If there is any sound in either direction and disappears while driving straight, then ball joints are defective.

12) Test drive on a bumpy road can reveal almost everything about suspension. If car starts making strange noise from bottom while on bumpy road, then suspension needs through repair work.

Warning: Never open the radiator cap if engine is hot and turned off. If you must remove the radiator cap in hot engine state, then first start the engine and using a thick cloth fully covering your hand and keeping face away, rotate the cap halfway first. After few seconds, you can remove the cap. If in any doubt, ask the owner to do it for you.

If satisfied with the condition of car and making final decision, always take the car along with owner to Rescue 15 or local police for verification of not being stolen or used in any criminal activity.