Any solution for x3player?

about 25 percent of movies on torrents sites require x3player (spam or something) tht you need to buy tht player first n then to watch the movie u downloaded ! any solution to remove that restriction , i have over 30 movies saved with this requirement !

any advice ?

Dude... its malware... Those aren't movies. They're just huge files with the message telling you to install x3player. You downloaded 30 'movies' with the x3player scam, but still didn't realize it? Delete them.

dear , i know but is there any solution ? and no dear u r wrong , they r movies , i have seen those running on x3player .

Where exactly have you seen these movies running on x3player?

Dude get some life and get a registration @ some private tracker maybe demonoid or iptorrents to start with.

^^ huh ! whats so astonishing so u mentioned get some life !! ??

i was asking somethingIF some one know , there is nothing one cud see getting life like comments ! rather you should get some life to reply appropriate , as there are some videos already downloaded and saved in the HDD so i was thinking is there any way to see them (or just toknow its solution) as most of them i have seen by downloading from other torrent site etc !

any how Eid Mubarak;)

and the above two sites u mentioned are closed months ago for new memberships ! huh !

x3player? Dude its a scam. You downloaded a torrent? I suggest you to go back to the torrent's website and read the comments for the torrent that you downloaded. Im sure many people would be having the same problem.

i always read first the comments from the users , when i found no comments regarding fake thing then i download but sometimes there are also fake comments regarding tht upload . any how.