Any site for notes of FSC

hi brothers is there any site where can i get notes for fsc part 2 if any can you tell me once i got one site but due to some viruses i lost it so can any one help me

follow the TEXT BOOK,my dear!!!

u can get good score only by following book!!!!

yeah thanks for suggestion i am doing enough from that

then u will get through!!!!!

surely, their r notes available on the internet.

just go to a photocopy shop and buy the notes.

btw where are you from?


hahahahahaha u wana save money for notes

i use ilmi guide for maths

no guide for chem

majeed sons guide for physics

get ilmi too for chem..shoukat..

a sincere advise!!!!

bro if i want some from internet it doesnt mean i dont have those ilmi and majeed stuff i have all those crap once i got a website from internet which got notes and they were so easy with so much breifing that majeed and ilmi dont have so thats why i was asking

yeah there are sites for that but unfortunately i don't remember any


I am not sure about FSc's syllabus, but I think you'll get some help from A-level site's. A few I remember:

You can also search google for indvidual high school subject sites.

there was a site called, dunno if its up anymore.


try to get notes compiled by FG SirSyed Teachers. especially the ones from Prof Aslam of chemistry were like hotcakes back in 97-98.

well Check the SIte ,

alot of stuff about FSC part 2