Any reviews on Stormfibre?

As-Salam-u-Alikum and Eid Mubarak. Anyone using stormfibre can share there experience with it? Thanks.

Hi. I have been using StormFiber since April last year, and I must say that the quality of service is excellent so far. I am using their triple typhoon package which includes 10mbps internet with unlimited data; telephony service (landline); and TV cable with around 200 digital channels including 50+ HD channels.

However, more recently their on-field customer service response time has been slow, due to expansion and not having enough field teams. More than a couple of times my fiber cable was broken by KE, and then local municipal services, so it took them some days to restore the connection more recently, as compared to same day when broken by KE a few months back. Other than these extraneous interruptions, I do not have any problem with them. Hope it helps.

Thanks for your review.