Any Place to Claim HP warranty in Pakistan?

i have a HP Probook 4520s

its still in warranty

factory warranty

Is their a way i can claim its warranty in Pakistan

Are their any HP center in Rawalpindi or Lahore

and btw will warranty cover this

The Battery Hinge seems to have malfunctioned

one of them isent clamping on to the battery

i dont know why

i just found it out yesterday

i have had the laptop for over 6 months now

I was able to claim my second hand purchased Laptop under 3 years warranty from Mushko Karachi. That model should be under warranty on HP website. Call me if if you need more details.


Shahad Godil

By the way, battery warranty period is usually shorter than laptop. Please check your warranty terms if any before claim. HP has an online chat based help agent also. You can try that.

try Hp web 1st then check any thing ...................

Khurram Shahzad

Alaziz Online