Any one who could fix my 2 ptcl phones (on extra payment)

my 2 numbers are giving me a lot of problems and i want to fix them permanantly. the exchange is gulistan e johar.

if any one have a jaaan pahchaan in the exchange please contact me for more information about my two ptcl numbers.

please contact on my cell


Nadeem Ahmed

Why ain't contacted the cust. serv. center 4 info. Hardly there would be any user who is using the exchange from the gulistan e johar.

i complained about 20 times (litteraly) but there is no reply from them and nothing improvement ! they said there is a cable fault ( but in neighbours and area ) other telephones are working properly, i asked to change the pair , they said it is difficult and will see .

so i need a person who cud do this , and i will pay for this to him.

They'll be happy to fix your line if you offer them the chai paani you're offering here. ;)

ohh just mukmukka!! But this bad trend and we should avoid.

similar thing happened to me where i wanted to install a new phone line after repeted complains and sources and what not no action has yet been taken by ptcl. in the end the line i approached the line man and he very bluntly asked for 1500 rupees and said he will get it done in a day or so. i refused and still waiting for the new phone line :). may Allah guide these pakistani poor lost souls.

let me share my experience with you.. my 2 phone were also messed up, 1 was totally dead while other had line crossed with some aunty who was literally chatting on the phone 24/7 and only when she use to hung up only then my number was usable coz

my caller also could hear her talking so i wasn't using both these numbers.. complained few times at the exchange,line man came checked from the pole and restored the dead phone while supposedly rectified problem with 2nd number (actually problem

remained as it is,maybe aunty was busy and not using the phone at that time) ,shortly after he left line still had interference and i could hear voices,i called 17 and asked the operator for number of my exchange's for complain, operator gave me DE's number but suggested that i should call 18 for automated complain registration as it is monitored by PTCL highups,i did just that, next day same line man came checked the line inside my premises, then from the pole,then he went away i checked my number and now it was totally dead so i called that number from my mobile,some guy picked up(i thought now aunty have fully highjacked my number) i asked him this is my number who be

you, and he identified himself as other lineman at the telephone cabinet,he said my line was being 'tested' for 30 mins and will be restored shortly . after 30 mins indeed the line was restored but the problem persisted,i called up 18 again,

normally if a number's complain is lodged with 18 computer then it stays in their system until the computer it self calls to verify and asks you to press 1 once problem is rectified otherwise if problem remains then your old complain number is reminded to you in case you try to complain about the same number again, now when i called 18 again and lodged complain of my number then i got a new complain number, which was abit

surprising coz i never pressed 1 to tell the computer that problem have been rectified,now i realized that the lineman 'testing' at the cabinet was actually waiting for computer to call, and he himself pressed 1 and got his neck off the hook..anyways i

registered complain again and got a new complain number and next day a new lineman came,checked from pole/cabnit and did actually somehow rectified the problem,and before leaving asked me to press 1 once the computer calls, few minutes after he left a guy from exchange called (i think he was lineman's incharge) and asked if my phone is now OK and i thanked him and he said computer will call in 30 mins and i should press 1,after 40 mins automated computer called and asked if problem resolved press 1 otherwise press 2 and i pressed 1, after 3-4 days a call came guy identified himself calling from PTCL call center and asked if the phone is now working fine and problem solved,i thanked him and said now its OK, finally after a week another call came this time from PTCL headquater Islamabad,he also asked the same thing and i thanked him.

atleast in my case i got things resolved without paying a dime and PTCL officials did a followup on my repeated complains so i think things not yet perfect but atleast they are trying to improve