Any one using samsung star wifi (s5233w)

i am thinking of buying samsung star wifi, so wanted to know the experience of present users...

1-how is the qwerty keypad? is it easy and fast to type with qwerty on star?

2-is there threaded sms? and if not then is it possible to install some app (from samsung site etc) to give threaded sms look?

3- i will be buying my first samsung so wanted to know if there is some java/apps directory by samsung for non-smartphones? just like an ovi store for nokia?

4- how is the picture and audio quality? and what type of headsets are supplied (single or double) and the sound quality of the headsets.


I don't have this phone , so i can't comment.

Here are the answers according to my info.

1. The qwerty keypad is alright. You could say its average since the touchscreen is not that responsive.

2. Threaded messaging is not there, and you cannot enable it with an app since Samsung Star only supports Java Apps which have very limited functionality.

3. You can download apps from different websites available on the internet since there is no dedicated app store like iPhone or Ovi.

4. The picture quality is alright outdoors, not impressive indoors. But does the job for taking suitable pics for email and facebooking. Headset supplied would be stereo ones and sound quality is good.