Any One purchase from

I am planning to order some stuff that is used for the RC planes (some brushless motors ESC arduinos etc) from banggood because this is the only website which is offering it very cheap and free shipping. i am just curious to know that is their is any other payment i have to do in Pakistan to get my things? or just i have to pay whatever the amount is on and nothing else?

my second question is how i can pay to banggood? i don't have paypal but i have payoneer account and its card too. i have never used that account since months. So is their is anything i have to activate in my card to purchase things from it online? how can i send money to my paypal account? and is anyone have ever purchased stuff from banggood? how was the experiance?


Faraz Shah

You will have to pay customs duties locally depending on package size and items ordered.

can u give me the details about the custom duites applied on importing things?

Duties can be quite high (30-100%+ of value) depending on package size and shipping method used. Sometimes, smaller parcels pass through without duties through the postal system.

Federal Board Of revenue

Download the list from this website

Pay via Visa credit or ATM debit card. Customs duty and other charges can be applied, especially if item is heavy or bigger than cigarette pack. Smaller, light weight items often get through without customs duty.

I ordered once from Banggood and received item with a few weeks. I prefer AliExpress which is a better vendor and has full refund if item is not delivered (except for customs dispute cases, etc.).