Any one interested in part time income?

Hi friends, I am doing a side business and I can earn well from 20K to 50K with it, if any one want to involve in it, let me know.

Its basically a food supplement/ health product for diabetic/diabetic ulcer/ hepatitis/cancer/ allergy/ tumor/autism/fatigue/ auto immune disease/viral infection etc.

I can give you 300 to 500 commission per sale. It has good results and I have many customers that take product every month from me, so its kind of 1 time effort then long time earning,

If someone think he has above sort of people around him and they might be interested then PM me at so that we can discuss further:)

Or if u think u have convincing power, even then u shuld try this option:) hehe

Are you a drug dealer?

Drug selling on a tech forum.. icky stuff. Closing thread.