Any one from FBR here, need info on FBR notice?

AoA All,

I have recived a notice from FBR (Officer Inland Revenue) that I have to pay x amount of tax for year 2009 (that x amount is 7 times more than actual Tax due on my yearly income), whereas my tax is automatically deducted every month from my salary by my Employer , and I have submitted my Tax return too on e.fbr last year and have a Acknowledgment too from FBR that I have submitted my Tax for year 2009.

So I can't understand that why do I have a Tax notice now... !!!

Any one from FBR here or have Tax law info to suggest me what should I do now ?

Should I write a reply back to that officer with certificate of my submitted taxes of year 2009 and Ack from FBR ? or Do I have to go myself to clear the situation ?



Do you have any receipt??

Any tangible proof ?

I have certificate from my Employer with the amount and challan numbers of every payment made to SBP. And Acknowledgment from FBR of my Tax Return of year 2009.

Just submit copy of your tax return as proof of your tax payment in reply to FBR notice. just make sure that your tax payable in your return must coincide with your employer tax deduction certificate.It will be ok.