Any New Cable Operator In Phase 6 Dha Karachi

I Am Fed Up With World Cable Tv So I Was Wonderring If Any One Knew The Name And Contact Number Of The Cable Operator. I Know King Cable(mpc) But I Am Fed Up With His Service

by World Cable Tv, i suppose u mean world call, in karachi defence phase 6 u have limited choice of cable tv operators in your area. i know because i live in phase 5 ext., u could always try getting vod service from worldcall, they have 36 orignal channels on that (thread already exists though, please search forum)

they have introduced wateen cable in lahore dha... and i have seen it at my brother in law's place... damn man that cable is amazing... all the good channels and well placed i.e all the sports channels are together or all the music channels are together so you don't have to tune them seperately so they are all together... they have all good channels and they have very good channels of their own on which they show the latest tv series and movies also... i am waiting for it to be introduced outside dha as well

i have king and world call cable . we used vod sevice of world call that did n't work as when electricity went the cable too goes that why i am thinking of an another cable

^ try and see if satcom has coverage in ur area

my cousin has them and they are a excellent cable provider


^ karachi

could u give me his number . does any one know abt digi cable

could some one tell methe website of digicable

no body has the phone number

i live in dha phase 5 extension, karachi, there is no cable wala here other then worldcall, different cable walas start from neelum and zamzama,

people living in dha phase 1,2 ext. have choice of 2 or 3 cable companies.

there used to be 2 or 3 different cable companies here in 2002,03 but they have all packed, worldcall lured away their customer, then they changed their lineup to crappy channels..

i dont have the digicable number myself

I Hve Now Digi Cable Number 586 4406

I had a relative who worked for WorldCall. According to

him, WorldCall has signed an exclusive deal with DHA and

now only WorldCall has the right to operate (cable) in

DHA area.

One by one, all these desi cablewalas have packed-up

and left DHA and now they operate from bastis and co-

lonies abutting the DHA.

That's what happens when you change from "society",

to "authority". The DHA residents have no seat at the





Sheikh 'Die WC, Die!' Chilli

PS: I went to Regal and the whole satellite business

is kaput. The large dishes have been removed. And

according to vendors, the satellite footprint over Pak-

istan has disappeared. Only Tata packages are being

sold, by a couple of shops.

sheikh_chilli>>i went to regal saddar(karachi) today, cause i was interested in buying a dish system. Nobody told me anything about this satellite footprint vanishing, the guy said that he will come to my house and set up everything for 5000rs (which was a litle bit too high) (cost of equipment is down below) also he invited to his home to check out the european and english channels he has in his house..

here is what iam planning to buy

echolink el 700 super , 3200 rs

lnb k band, 600 rs (the cable guy said that he would mount 4 lnb on a single dish so i can catch 4 satellites at once)

cable extra charges for 1000rs

8 feet dish (i want to see english and european channels on fta on eurobird) for rs 4500

setup (5000 rs) a liitle bit too high

anyway these are the charges i am getting...