Any good WOW private server out there?

Tried many servers but none have been good :/ some have bugs and there are too less people registered and online to make the game fun. Its almost impossible to find a party and go on quests

So if anyone knows a good server where there are lots of people online all the time then please share. I dont mind the bugs

just curious, why not play legit?

How am i supposed to find myself a copy of the games (wow+TBC) when no one i know has a credit card. Even if i ask someone to bring it for me from somewhere, how to pay the subscription?

Well, I pay regularly on EU servers myself. I got the game from Dubai and subscribed using my CC.

You could get a pre-paid card though. In anycase, I was just curios.

To be honest, Its a pain to find a GOOD group on any server. Most PUGs i've been in just plain suck. This one time I saw a warrior fighting at range. Needless to say, the party didn't really last.

I dont have a CC :/

plus prepaid cards are only available in china i think, not here