Any good SMS Manager app for android?

Stupid android is grouping sms. Suppose i received 5 messages from Adil, it's showing me like this "Adil (5)" and when i click to read, i get latest sms on the screen to read. To read previous messages i need to scroll up. It's fine but android is not allowing me to read old messages unless i delete latest message from the opened messages list (in this case 5). I scroll up to read old message and within a second android auto scroll down to the last message in the list.

I don't want to group messages or simply i need "Nokia" style message management, where 5 messages from Adil will be in 5 rows, and i can read every message individually. I did not find any option in the phone to set message settings. Is there any app to do so?

One more thing, if i forward a message to five persons i get a row/link like this "Tanveer, Shakeel, ABC....". To remove this from messages list i need to browse forwarded message and delete all 5 forwarded copies to remove this log or message entry.


How I can better manage sms on this stupid android? Please help


I like threaded SMS view, and my Android does not automatically scroll down to the last message.

May be there is some setting in the messages. Run messaging and press Menu key to explore settings for messaging application. :)

If you are angry, because your android phone sucks, don't worry china is here to help. پاک چین دوستی وانگ چوئے

Eureka! I found it. Press and hold a "forwarded message" thread and you will get a popup asking "delete thread". click it and delete all forwarded copies of message. Now one problem left, why i am not able to scroll up to read old messages from a contact?

Thanks Ijaz and MZC, I have read some reviews of "GO SMS" app, there are many negative reviews, i will try it later.

^ negative reviews about Go SMS Pro? I can't believe that , its the best SMS app for android.

Ok. I installed this app. How to get "Folders" screen (See the image)? I am not getting interface like this


Simply swipe the screen twice and you would get Application Center > click on folders > go to its settings and enable traditional view to view folders as show in the above image.


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^ negative reviews about Go SMS Pro? I can't believe that , its the best SMS app for android.


Totally Agreed. Excellent Appl (Y)


try iSMS