Any good furniture shop in Lahore..?

We are considering to change our furniture and some good recommendations are needed for that. We will probably needing a double bed set and one single bet set(by "set", I mean along with side tables of course). So any good shop where one can find a good deal without shelling out hell of bucks. I recently visited Hyperstar and double beds were more than 40k. This is just too much. However, 30-35k for double bed would do fine(we are NOT looking for dressing table with this set as room is bit small)....

Good suggestions are appreciated!

you can get in less than 30 -35k when you buy from Gujrat ( this city is famous for furniture and electric fans)

Why not go to Pindi and select cheap furniture with good quality?

Visit Furniture Market near Shezan Factory bund road. You will find good variety of furniture there at affordable rates

Alternatively, You will find many furniture shops near Muslim town more or Multan road near Saman-abad stop.

I have heard about exquisite quality furniture available in Rawalpindi. But again, bringing double beds or even single bed to Lahore from Pindi is not an easy job. So Lahore seems to be more plausible choice.

I guess our budget is fine enough for the two things(30-35k for double bed and 20-25k for single bed)..:D

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Why not go to Pindi and select cheap furniture with good quality?


would you please specify some stores in Rawalpindi

I had always thought that Gujrat, Chinyot, etc were the cities producing good furniture

are there not any IKEA store in Lahore?

Assuming it's in Lahore, don't you think their prices are much on high side and my budget as mentioned in the start is not that much...?

Multan Road has good collection..ain't branded but the art and stuff speaks for it self...both wooden and wrought iron better pay visit to places from Samnabad till Yateem Khana...

Moreover, I have heard a lot about Gujrat furniture as well but again, bringing anything from outside Lahore will cost hell too much. This is the reason, we are looking for Lahore shops only!

Thanks Mazahyr..Actually I am more interested in knowing about quality. We really do not want to trash out 70k spent on trash furniture which just break out after a year or so(we have had a very bad experience some years ago with one furniture shop)..

in furniture Chinioti fabricated furniture is the best...if you have relatives over their it can be cheap an durable too...and Gujrat is the choice of furniture too..

What about Interwood? They have one showroom in DHA. There may be other outlets in Lahore.

As none of the wooden beds ever survive along with me...I recently got this metal pipe double bed in my room for just under 6k (obv w/o mattress):D beat that! ba this was in Karachi however.

Otherwise I wont reccomend chiniotti furni .. unless u have a bunch of nauker naukaranies to clean them up every week or so.

Wrought Iron furniture is cheap and durable and its "in" too.!

Well I live in Khi, so I dont have any idea about Lahore, poor me !

OK--GUYS..latest updated about this thread, I have finally convinced to pay visit to Chinyot..So anyone knows any particular place there so that we can avoid khwaaaareeee....?

and yes, wrought is "in" as well as cheap but problem is I have heard that it becomes unbearable after couple of years...

These stores have a modest furniture, many of which may be of questionable quality, but there's always a few products manufactured quite well. These are the only products actually think about the market, such as furniture may not be available.

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