Any followers of SCRUBS here?

I am sure there must be some!

I love this's so funny! today I saw 9th episode of 7th season the latest one and found out that Dr. Bob Kelso is gone from the hospital....oh so sad...I don't know if he will continue to work on screen or won't be back.

i watched it alot back a few months ago

i dont know the show just lost its touch

Scrubs used to be good. But now the jokes have been reused and recycled to death. I keep up with it but its getting a little tiring now. They should consider finishing it off!

Instead I recommend watching 'How I Met Your Mother'. Its a pretty standard sitcom, but it has a fresh feel to it.

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Instead I recommend watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Its a pretty standard sitcom, but it has a fresh feel to it.

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I've watched Scrubs from the start and have continued to do so after my move to Pakistan (thank you bittorrent). I think to really enjoy Scrubs you need to be able to catch all the cultural miscellanea they throw at you and have an appreciation for the entirely self deprecating style of humor that JD and Turk employ. I love it.

As far as HIMYM is concerned, it is probably my favorite show on TV right now. Neil Patrick Harris is what pulls this show together, he is just, say it with me, AWESOME! I find it particularly amusing that he is actually gay, yet he plays this chauvinistic, blow hard which you would definitely not associate with him, given his Doogie Howser background. I think his character is definitely inspired by his role in Harold and Kumar...

Other shows I love: Weeds, Boston Legal, Family Guy, Entourage, Crumbs and Grey's Anatomy (guilty pleasure).

I've heard a lot about Mad Men, so I want to get into that soon.

Yes JD and TURK combination is the best!

Plus I also like TEDD, COX, and KELSO. And not to forget that JANITOR...he is hilarious!!!

Scrubs has been an all time fav, I recently started HIMYM and also the Big Bang Theory, its only its first season but its quite nice :D

the best sitcom without laughing track of all time.....