Any Duke Nukem fans?

Duke is finally coming after 12 long years, this June on all platforms. Just wanted to share the news, my PC won't be able to run it but I'll certainly be playing it 5 years from now.

Make space in your hard drives for a sleazy alien blasting adventure with Duke Nukem Forever!

Yup definitely excited.

Hope they bring he Toilet humor back, also the uber awesome guns (Shrink Ray FTW)

Me too. If its really as good as its predecessors, then i might even actually buy it.

BTW, its a good thing they haven't removed the strippers/hookers. :D

Oh Cool. I loved that game. Excited. Another game was Blood which i used to play along with that

^Did you ever play Blood2: the Chosen

I dont remember blood 2. But I played Blood too much. Other fav games were hErcules, Pitfal, Ignition, Loin King and Alladin. It was pre 2k i think

Yup you is right

I've never liked duke nukem at its beging but i would like to play new one! :)

There hasnt been a game for along time witth grit humor and awesome weapons... Let the good times roll again