Any difference in watching movies on upgrading GRAPHICS Card?

Right now, I have a very limited budget and there are two things on my to-buy list. An LCD monitor (I currently have an 18 inch CRT with an annoying white line at top), and a Graphics Card (I have a weak 256 mb 8400 GT).

Now the biggest use I have of graphics on my PC is that of watching television shows and japanese cartoons (animes), and I was thinking, whether I should use my limited money (at most 14-15k), on a LCD monitor, or a graphics card like 9500gt or something like that.


Buy an LCd, because there is not much noticeable difference on upgrading GPU. As the quality of video depends on the codec, so buy an LCD.

Agree with Ahmsun. Get a LCD monitor with a DVI input and connect it to your current graphic card (if it has a DVI output). Your current graphic card is more than enough for watching HD content. And quality through DVI interface is much better. You can get a really good LED monitor (for example HP X20LED 20") for around 13-14k.

you also have this option:

--sell the lcd and 8400 card you have, put it in budget of 15000 you have,

--then get a very nice new lcd/led (18.5 inches, brand acer, viewsonic or asus) for

9500 rs to 9800 rs. Don't go by the prices listed on websites but visit the markets instead.

--use the rest of money (5000 +) to buy a new graphic card