Any decent alternative to PTCL DSL connection?

I have a 4 mb PTCL broadband connection, but nowadays its like having a 1/2 mb one!! It keeps disconnecting all the time. I've complained several times, but nothing is working. I would like to try another provider. Can you suggest any? Thanks.

find out any local provider in your area, personally i find them cheap but the speed will be limited to 1 or 2Mb.

or else there are plenty of provider like qubee, wateen etc but they have capped limit's on packages so they ruin everything, if you are a hardcore internet user.

try to fix your ptcl issue or visit their local office personally before moving to something else.

^ Yes try to fix PTCL in first place, Local Line Man can be your savior in this regard because good line/ no disconnection/ good internet/

Otherwise local internet cable may be the better solution.