Any client for mobile to make video call

is there any symbian client for mobile to make video calls to its same network over wifi or 3g which also having desktop version i have samsung i8910 i want for it (i know nokia n900 has pre installed skype which works for video calls but i need for my phone)

its called fring.. it offers skype video calls...

^ I guess fring has stopped supporting skype. There's no skype service option in newer fring version.

Last time when I got to fring forums to find about the reason, they were some thing like blaming Skype being escaped from fring(or other 3rd party's) support after the Skype started launching native official apps to wide range of devices. However I could see skype service still working in Nimbuzz.


I didn't read the Skype's responce to fring's discussions, published later. Here it is.

Try Octrotalk

Yeah Skype video calling is no longer on fring. However, i think fring still supports its fring to fring video calls.

Any other sugestion?

as i am also looking for skype video calls from my wifi enabled phone,,,thanks

I think you wont find anythin better than skype. They have good support and have stable softwares.