Any Chinese Mobile Phone with Good Camera Quality

Which is the best Chinese Phone in terms of Camera quality. Most of the Chinese phones are total crap and their camera quality is so pathetic that one feels wonder if Chinese dont have know how of what even a mega pixel shooter is.

I would highly appreciate if some one guides about the best Chinese Phones available in Pakistan and some sample of their camera quality.


The best camera quality in Chinese phone's is average, you shouldn't expect any better than that, and forget the megapixel count, other than the fact that it doesn't affect the photo quality in any way, in Chinese phones, it is mostly written higher than the actual megapixels, usually they have either VGA or 1MP cameras...

You can try out Q-mobile, they're also chinese, but branded, so their specs are overall quality (including the camera) can be expected to be better than regular Chinese phones.

As per my experience Q-mobile is best in china mobiles in Camera Quality.

Any link to sample of photos captured by QMobile Phones. I searched on Goofle but couldnt find a link directing towards sample images taken by Qmobile

Q-Mobile is not china mobile. It is a brand. Just like Apple, even iPhones are made in china if that were the case.

One can't say iPhone is totally Made in China, i think assembling is done in China for iPhone

where as Q-Mobile is Totally Made in China.