Any advice on buying a computer display?

I would like to buy a decent monitor because eyesight is a gift and we should protect it. Bad screens make one feel really tired and quite quickly. I find it difficult to read on a screens with poor resolution. I have read about computer displays which are better for reading text than general purpose monitors, but they are out of my world, price and availability wise.

Am I correct in assuming a second hand/used monitor will always be a poor deal and that I should go for a new monitor?

If so, what is a realistic budget for a 19" HD monitor? Is Samsung better than the rest or is that just good marketing?


The resolution (ppi), panel type and refresh rate are the main specs when choosing a monitor regardless of the brand! Sadly, even though laptop and mobile phone displays have improved greatly, pc monitors have been held back! quad hd (2560 x 1440) resolution for a 27" is not much improvement in ppi! Coming to your problem:

1. Resolution (ppi): The higher the resolution for a given size of lcd panel, the easier it is on the eyes to read text! For a 19" full hd monitor (1920x1080) the ppi is nearly 116 (a 5" phone with same res has 440 ppi for comparison)! Most 19" monitors are still stuck on 1680x1050 so look out for a full hd one at least!

2. Panel Type: Different companies have come up with different techniques of producing lcd panels leading to different pros and cons of each! A good read is here: and brief overview here:

Most people go for an IPS panel as far as image quality is concerned as it offers wide viewing angle(s) and good colors! I prefer LG-Philips panels (note that panel make and monitor brand can be different)!

Pc gamers are thought to be more concerned about fast response times than image quality (mostly sit in front of display directly) and the cheaper TN panel with faster response time than IPS offers them that!

3. Refresh Rate: The higher the refresh rate, the less flicker there is! Though most lcd monitors settle for 60Hz, some people can still notice flicker leading to headaches! If you can't notice the flicker at 60Hz, it would be fine for you!

4. Other factors:

- Backlight: CCFL(commonly reffered to as LCD) backlighting is not inferior to LED backlighting as each comes with its own benefits and problems ...

- Glossy or Matte Finish: Most work oriented panels use a matte finish to avoid glare! Glossy finish may seem better for movies!

- Color Temperature: At night time, a warm color tone may be better for the eyes rather than a cold one (bluish)

- Work Environment: Monitor placement giving due consideration to lighting around the work area is also important ... many guides available online

- Display Connection: Digital is recommended in this order ... DisplayPort->HDMI1.4->Dual-Link DVI->HDMI->VGA

So, my suggestion would be to go for a premium work oriented monitor (those that come recommended with workstations) for reading! I recently inquired about some 'lot' ones ... the hp LP and ZR series have really good ones (A+ grade with backlight timer showing low usage for lp series) and the 23/24" ones cost around 10~12K (most shopkeepers would point to other lesser monitors as better ones ... perhaps due to those being slimmer as these workstation oriented ones are bulky ... and specs for these bulky ones are great ... so hopefully a good bargain can be made)!




avoid CRT's they are real eye-sight killer, go for LED's , which you can get with min budget.

If you can find an IPS panel, go for it. If you can afford to buy it brand new, nothing beats it when it comes to accurate color reproduction. Ofcourse, you can always opt for a second hand version, but from what I've seen of both IPS & TN panels, IPS reigns supreme.

^ +1 IPS monitors are way better.. if it is IPS it will say so on the box.. also a quick google on the model will also tell you so

PS: DONOT .. and the Rock says... DONOT buy a 19 inch monitor..thats a wastage..for only 1-2 k more you an get a better 21-22 size.. for only a 1-2k more, you can get a far far far superior viewing experience in a 24inch Full HD monitor.. wich is a much much less strain on eye plus lots more space for opening more programs at the same time.. especially useful when comparing or copying code in 2 browsers and for multiple docs and spread sheets... not to mention , Especially for @wire...

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better larger screen for porn


even buying a 24 in used would be a better purchase as 24 size wont be that old compared to 19 which is a decade old size... so it would be less than a year used at max.

Thanks for the great information everyone! I haven't done anything about the screen yet. I had thought I would get a make/model/price recommendation but I suppose I need to look for this IPS thing first.

go for a minimum, 24 inch biatch...!

so which one is better , LCD OR LED ???

plus , IPS is found in ? LED or LCD ???

i just want to protect eyesight , so if one could elaborate which one protects it better , that'd be great.

LCD or LED doesnot make much difference to actual viewing.. its is just the lighting tech how the picture is displayed

for eyestrains, use any monitor at lower brightness and from a distance, with larger fonts preferably with higher resolutions. also dpi can be increased to 125% in display settings. and higher refresh rates.

IPS or non ips only affects viewing angle and color reproduction.. not eyestrain.

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for eyestrains, use any monitor at lower brightness and from a distance, with larger fonts preferably with higher resolutions. also dpi can be increased to 125% in display settings. and higher refresh rates.


This is important point.

Having high resolution screen doesn't mean you have to settle for tiny font.

I have 17" Full HD laptop and stock 100% font is too small for me as i don't like to put my face too close to monitor. So i am using 125% DPI settings in windows 7 and it's perfect.

Though i can imagine that Full HD would be fine for 24" monitor anyway. Ain't gonna need any DPI scaling.

Please suggest me about these led monitor or if you have any other option better then this

Price and specifications are given as

Asus VS228NR Price on CZONE is Rs.13700

LCD Panel
			  Screen Size
			Wide Screen 21.5"(54.6cm) 16:9
			  Contrast Ratio
			ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) : 50000000:1
			  Response Time(ms)
			250 cd/?
	<p> </p><p><span style="color:#ff0000;">ASUS VX229H Price on CZONE is Rs.17600</span></p>
			 LCD Panel with built in speakers
			  Screen Size
			Wide Screen 21.5"(54.6cm) 16:9
			  Contrast Ratio
			ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) : 80000000:1
			  Response Time(ms)
			5ms (GTGs)
			AH-IPS Full HD 1080P
			250 cd/?
			HDMI x 2
	<p> </p><p><span style="color:#ff0000;"><span style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:14.3999996185303px;">Samsung / S22D390H Price at galaxy is Rs.15500</span></span></p>
			Samsung / S22D390H
			250 cd/<span style="color:rgb(51,51,51);font-family:'Segoe UI', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;">㎡</span>
			1000: 1 (Typ)
			1920 x 1080
			Black , Slim
			<p>HDMI x 1 - D-Sub x 1 - Headphone x 1</p>			
			514.2x401.4x184.9mm (WxHxD)
	<p> </p>

the middle one looks better in specs.

#OP: For eyesight protection you only need Gunnar Glasses,

f.lux is another free alternative