Antivirus suggestion for my new laptop


i recently bought vaio fit 15 laptop.

i have always used kaspersky in my computers and they dont take much load time and dont consume much power working at the background. barclays used to give me free kaspersky membership and keys everyyear. but now that i have moved back to pakistan dont have the kaspersky membership anymore. and kaspersky is around $60 which is pretty expensive for me lol...

any ideas what would be a good antivirus to have in the laptop. or how should i get cracked version of kaspersky 2014

Avira and avast work pretty fine.. AVG sucks.. all of them have free versions as well as pro versions.

avast blacklists its pirated keys and still allows me to update and run all scans and often catches internet viruses as it shows it is still working. :)

kaspersky will continue to blacklist all keys and also their trial reset works no more on any version.

you only need a single person license for your laptop.. 60$ is for a 3 PC license.. you can get cheaper.. 40$ or below.


Avast make pc slow but avg comparatively fast and dedecte viruses etc which avant did not. Rest grues will guide and me waiting there advise too.

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I was a fan of Kaspersky too, no doubt it is a great software, but the "key" thing was a pain, but after moving to Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender in Windows 8) I've never looked back, it's free, it's light & it works most of the time, I admit it's slow at "treating" the infected files, sometimes don't detect the virus too, but overall experience is great.

Common Sense + MSE/Defender = Satisfaction

Avast is best


Avast is the best antivirus for me . It detect the many virus automaticilay Such as autorun