Antenna with EVO Wingle 9.3

Hey guys!!

I need to know can I attach external antenna with my PTCl EVO Wingle device to boost up signals. If yes, than kindly suggest me a good company from where I can get it. Secondly can I install that antenna myself or is it a bit technical.

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I only have personal experience with Wateen devices and PTCL Nitro ZTE device, so can't say how difficult it would be to connect an external antenna to Wingle, but hopefully you can find some useful information from my experience.

The main reason I required an external antenna with PTCL Evo last year, was because of the user load on the tower I got connected to was extremely high. Even in off-peak hours, I was getting around 0.25Mbps speed after changing my home. Based on my experience in the previous location which was a few metres away though, I knew that there was another tower accessible from here which used to give me pretty decent speeds. For my particular case, I needed a highly directional antenna, which turned out to be a parabolic grid one (Image) after some research. Luckily on a visit to Lahore, I found one from Lahore hall road. Although it was meant for 2.4GHz (Usually WiFi) instead of 1900Mhz (PTCL EVO) that I wanted, it did the job perfectly after I set it up.

Because I didn't just need to boost the signals, but connect to a BTS that had otherwise weaker signals, I couldn't just wrap the wire coming from antenna around the device. I ended up removing the itwo internal antennas of the device, and connecting the wire directly to the device (Image). I also kept the device in a a small metal box made which was grounded, in an effort to make sure that signals of the BTS I was avoiding did not reach the device. In the image above, the wire coming from under the gray tape is connecting the smaller secondary internal antenna's connector, to the primary's. You can see the smaller internal antenna in the black plastic cover on top of image (the green strip). I can't find the main internal antenna at the moment, but it was a small cover/jacket (with same copper strips that act as antenna) which covered the two connectors where I have connected the red wires. Most wireless devices have a socket for external antennas, but its connector is extremely hard to find.

The antenna I got was a bit costly (~3000 including the wire), but you can find Yagi antennas like this from some shops that sell VFone or EVO. Try to get one designed for 1900Mhz (Assuming you don't intend to use it in Peshawar), or an omni directional antenna, though it doesn't offer much gain unless it's an external one.

If you don't have previous experience of tinkering with electronic devices, I would not suggest you open your wingle to connect anything. You can get small "jackets" which are meant to be used with mobiles (to connect to an external antenna), and stick your wingle on them and see if it works, or simply wind the wire (internal wire of the coaxial cable) coming from the antenna around your device; be careful to not short anything.

Thank you Asad. Great effort indeed. I am planning to install it outside Peshawar but I guess first I have to check whether 3G Evo service is available in that area or not. Connecting external antenna without EVO coverage is useless because Peshawar is somewhat 12 kms away from here

Yes you should check the coverage first. I have bought antenna from Ptcl/evo dealer for 1000/- with cable and connector. Just connect the antenna cable to Wingle with this connector. There is a external antenna port in Wingle.

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if the noise of the signals are too high then attaching antenna would not help you in any case.