Another Warez Bust - Four Members of CaRNaGe Arrested

Another Warez Bust - Four Members of CaRNaGe Arrested

Things haven't been going well lately for the scene in France. Four members of the French cam group were recently arrested over the release of a movie called Welcome to the Ch'tis.

Late last month, three members of French release group CiNEFOX were arrested. Now comes word that four members of cam release group CaRNaGe were also arrested.

The report comes from French tech news site 01Net (Google translation from French to English) The report says that the arrests were made by the Regional Judicial Police (SRPJ) Montpellier. The complaint was that a French movie called 'Welcome to the Ch'tis' was cammed and released a day after the theatrical release.

While the police were making the arrest, the case was investigated by the Brigade Centrale pour la Répression des Contrefaçons Industrielles et Artistiques (BCRCIA - roughly translated to: the brigade central suppression of counterfeit industrial and Artistic Works) for two months. The investigation was sparked by Pathé, the film distributor of the movie.

What's interesting about what movie the group was busted over was the fact that it was this particular movie (not mentioned in the original French report) and not the other films the group released. The group released many other (French language) movies like 'The Happening', 'Doomsday', 'Jumper 2008', 'Iron Man' and 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'.

Meanwhile, in almost true scene fashion, the report notes this:

The four members of the "warez" fallen into the hands of the police may not be alone. For another pirated version of the film has also quickly circulated on the Net, a copy of very good quality this time. The counterfeiter had apparently filmed images from a DVD "clean" post-production, which was allegedly stolen from Pathé. The attacker was allowed to move a foot-nose to the film industry, with an ironic "Thank you Pathé" included in this version distributed directly on P2P networks.

Take one group out, another takes it's place and the scene continues on - even in France.

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