Anonymous mail sending website!

Have you ever sent an anonymous mail???

there is a website that allows you to send anonymous emailS!!

chk it now: DELETED

Not very anonymous. I sent one email from Bill Gates as but it is showing my IP address in msg source which revealed the following information about sender:

lol well spotted Ahmad, that's pretty insecure... looks like one of these free scripts that do the run around on DP. I presume it's just using mail and fudging the header.

This is not 'anonymous emailing'. Its simply email spoofing (which is ridiculously simple to do). Actual anonymous emails would hide your IP information. Also I'm deleting the link since it can be used by people to do quite a bit of harm...

I dont really think the should be deleted.. I often use these services when I need to test my sites or get contents like tests from different sites which needs registration all the time