Announcement: Free Upgrade of 1Mbps Package to 2Mbps

For the dear WP members' Information:

Dated: 2/22/2011

60% Users are already upgraded.


but i am on 4mb :)

What about the existing customers who are paying 2mbps @1499, like me due to some error made by some ptcl worker i was charged this rate in bill even though i am 3yr old non-student 1mbps user, got it rectified for for past 2 months. So any idea will i be charged 1199 next time or 1499. Your reply will be appreciated

and what about students...?

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and what about students…?

its only for non student package…

firecruz : tell ptcl to concentrate on the network /cable upgradations across Pakistan.Get over these silly packages ..they know 99 percent are all student packages :P

Not for 1 MB who avail student package... it is only for those users who have normal on 1MB package.


by my stats only 7% users are using Student pkgz who are more bandwidth hungry and want to pay less. I don't know why people think if students have to download HD movies via torrents. If i would have introduced student packages I would have blocked many site including facebook, twitter, game udp/tcp ports, and those torrents which say DVD-RiP xivid or axo or skulptura , skidrow :P and gave them wikipedia or something like that :P

and you guys demand like....! Ja kar parho beta! Or else go for commercial pkg :)


Majority of us is wasting time.

@firecruz .. I would love to pay ptcl more if they upgrade me to 10mb package.. I'll paying for the commercial package but my line doesn't support more than 1.2mb :P was the reason I was requesting you to request ptcl to concentrate on the lines.

Hey i didn't got the upgrade yet, though i have asked the 1236 people 2 times. :(

got the new connection in 4 days and upgraded to 2 Mbps in 4 Days once called on saturday at 6 pm and upgraded today in the morning.But why i like Maxcom. dont know.


Yeah i can definately feel ur words but its like PTCL is currently investing on the CoRE cuz that was expected to be choking in a year or two! so after its done fiber in ISB or defence like areas will be provided. Then finally the copper cables :D

PTCL staff called me and informed that my 1mb dsl converted to 2mb free till June 2011 and after June 2011 they will charge Rs. 1499. If me dont want upgrade than they I have to call for downgrade. So, it is forced free deal and later they forced me to call for downgrade and how much they will charge downgrade that i dont know. And if one forget to call and downgrade it than PTCL will start charging them.

This is one more bad technique to earn more by forcing customer to use dsl at higher price. I think PTA is sleeping. PTCL is forcefully offering higher bandwidth at the cost of customer. PTA must wake up and regulate the PTCL for not forcing their customer to pay more even customers don't want.

This is one more tension in our life to deal with PTCL.

I think many of 1mb users are at this package because they don't want to spend anything more than 1200 rupees on DSL

Therefore the above tactic of ptcl will not be acceptable for many of them

Still not upgraded here. Got 1Mb on 30May but still waiting for upgrade. Tried 1236 as well but they don't even pick up the phone.