Android v/s Symbian

want to know why i should go for android OS ? what are the pros n cons of android over Symbian ?

I can't believe you posted this today. this time i won't blame you since you have been absent from this forum for some time, so i'll assume you were busy with personal stuff.

UPDATE: Nokia has officially abandoned Symbian, so Symbian is obsolete OS now, They have officially adopted Windows phone 7 OS.

and as for which OS you should go for majority of us in this forum will tell you to go with ANDROID. info on this OS is all over so just google.

^^ hahaha dear some topics are created just to know the opinion on PRACTICAL basis / experience . So i want to know the pros n cons of the Andriod as well as symbian too . beside i know how to google but there is no match with searching and having words based on EXPERIENCE.

hope u got it , y i created the same .

how can you compare dead symbian with android.

first make him alive then try to compare.

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want to know why i should go for android OS ? what are the pros n cons of android over Symbian ?

Symbian is dead. It was never alive in the first place, at best a walking zombie. Windows 7, Android, iOS are all much better.

thanks for such a great information .

one more thing ...

thanks again :)

Symbian is only dead for touch phones. If you dont want a touch phone, go for symbian

yes thats i was thinking ..

nadeem now its really getting annoying, when you are told symbian is a dead OS then why you are hell bent on Symbian, Productivity and usefulness of any phone comes from the apps, without that hardware and OS are of no use. who the f-uck is gonna write software when the biggest sponsor of Symbian i mean nokia has abandoned it, do you think skype, amazon, dropbox, google yahoo, and all other major app providers are gonna waste time on writing apps for symbian from now on, there will be no new cell phones with this OS.

you are just simply dragging this thread for nothing.

KO already told you new platforms are android, iOS and windows 7. so whats your problem.

if you got sentimental attachment with some symbian based phone you have ie nokia e61 etc then keep using it but don't expect any updates and goodies or maybe you like to program in symbian as a hobby you can also keep doing this with what ever hardware you got.

otherwise don't troll with useless logic, people are willing to help you here and we did too, come on dude act your age.

@ kamran 1X1

please please plllleeeeaaaasssssseeeeee let me know when i said symbian is dead ??????????

@kamran1x1 Dude, you look like the annoying one here...

@nadeem5476 Simply put, Symbian is not what it used to be anymore, There are still a few manufacturers who are still using Symbian, but it is not a major mobile OS anymore, i personally suspect that since it has become open-source, china mobile might have or will start using it to replace their current lame OS.

I'll contribute to this thread cause I've used the E71 (my dad's old phone, before it got lost), the E52 (I think that's what it is - this is my dad's current phone), the Nokia 5320 XM (my old phone - which I've kept as a backup for emergencies - such as a "lost phone") and the HTC Desire.

The XM was my first S60-based phone (note that I'm talking about S60 here, not S40 or S^3) and I took it because of the initial charm of it being a smartphone and multitasking and the yada yada yada. Besides, they said it had a music chip. I tend to "compress" my songs using a multiband compressor anyway so it doesn't make alot of difference - although it is noticeable.

Anyway - the S60 got boring and mundane very soon. N-gage got abandoned (yeh - my phone came w/ N-gage built-in) and the games weren't available for free. Cracking became a bit tedious (not all N-gage games could be played - despite the cracks - it was a security feature of the firmware, not the phone), Nokia stopped releasing new firmware for my phone (which wasn't very old). And the apps weren't very impressive as such. This is when touch-screen started having it's karma on me.

Anyway - I found my XM very handy. It's petite, and does the job. I could wish for a better battery life and a better camera - but the latter isn't a basic feature.

The E series are alright. I frankly hate such type of phones (which include the Blackberry - well, I hate the BB overall - just a personal opinion). They seemed to have some more apps than my XM (the Facebook app, for e.g.) and were updated more often - even though the E71 is an older phone than my XM. Does seem odd.

Anyway - S60 became boring, dull and bland. Nothing new and spicy was showing up. And every other time I'd open up my feed readers, I'd see Android splashing over the screen - rooting (I had no idea what it was then), softwares, porting, apps, games, growth rate, new phones... yada yada yada!

I went ahead and bought the Desire. My very first Android phone. Sure it made a dent in my pocket - but it's a phone I intend to keep for more than a few years (I've kept my previous phones for less than one year - except the XM, which I kept for around 18 months).

Android: it's still rough on the edges - but regular updates from Google (since it is it's own child) means that

1) my phone will be (hopefully) regularly updated (proof: the Desire came out with Eclair, got upgraded to Froyo, and is now expected to get an upgrade to Gingerbread in Q2 2011)

2) I can ditch my current firmware and install another. I've done that right now (I'm using the HTC Desire HD firmware ported for the Desire - right now). Trying out new firmwares is exciting - and I better get over this addiction - but it's just nice! :P But finding a right firmware can be trickier than I thought, since each port/version has it's own dis/advantages.

3) custom ROMs help you boost the performance of the device (too complex to try and explain here)

You can do many different things - even run custom-built Gingerbread firmware for your phone (look at Cyanogenmod 7). Of course, it's not perfect, but...they are in constant development and in a state of flux. Or you could stick to what you have and - say - use a different dialing application/phonebook/SMS app/menu interface/music app/email app/games/themes... the list goes on.

S60 does do most of these things - but it seems more fluid in Android. There are some things the S60 can't do (Facebook integration into your contacts, for e.g.) and other games/apps. Heck, the S60 web browser stinks, regardless of the screensize.

Let me come to the drawbacks of Android: if you don't manage your phone well, its battery can last for - erm - 6 hours. Don't overkill it (but that's tough, because Android is just too good to NOT overkill). Using the phone always is normal for me - so I tend to charge it daiily. (I charged my XM daily anyway - so makes no diff to me). And there are some things that are rough around the edges - the stock Android music player (not the branded ones by the companies - but the one Google supplies) is bare-bones. FM radios aren't in all, RDS (my phone, atleast) is flaky - but it works. Video recording in the default app could be better (I use a third-party option for better video recording - pictures are great!).

Closing statement: Symbian is dead. Nokia's moving over to Windows Mobile 7... and WM7 isn't doing very well. To put things in perspective - although Symbian may be the market leader, it's share is deteriorating - FAST! Android was 2nd-last in 2009, but jumped to 2nd position in 2010. I read somewhere (forgot the exact figure) that it had a growth of (either) 400% or 800%.

There's got to be a good reason why Android is doing very, very well... and why Symbian is declining... and why everyone else is trying to copy Apple/Android.

Hope this painfully-long answer helps.

I use "anyway" waaaay too much. :P

Simply put. If you want access to new technology and a future proof device then go for Android. Thats where all the action is these days. More and more apps are being developed for Android. Plus I have been using my first Android phone for around a couple of weeks now and I would rate the "ease of use" and "productivity" of an android phone at least "3 times" that of a Symbian phone.

Case in point:

I was just typing this post and electricity went off. I just clicked the "Wi Fi Tethering" widget on my Android device and I am online again. :) To do that on a Symbian phone you will need to download an App but in Android 2.2 its built in!

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want to know why i should go for android OS ? what are the pros n cons of android over Symbian ?

In all honesty the dead OS WM6.5 is much better than Symbian.

If you want a phone that just works out of the box and you don’t want to customize it, tweak it go for iOS.

If you are a geek like most of us, than Android is a better option and that is just my opinion, others might feel differently.

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In all honesty the dead OS WM6.5 is much better than Symbian.



Agreed 101%.

Never thought the day Symbian would actually die.....

Writing this on my Motorola Andorid Set

^ Which one?

I am sad for Symbian to go too