Android TV Device - Suggestion Required

Dear Folks,

Is anyone here using Android Tv Device. I am specifically interested in This and This.

Are these worth buying and offer same functions as describe at satisfactory level?

Please share your experience. Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.




I remember getting these 'Stick PCs' when they first started coming out ... MK802 and with it Allwinner became quite popular ... also got some (different models) for other people on request! What you need to do is:

- Read reviews on sites like and for the model you are interested in ... most famous models should be there

- Also, check for compatibility with apps and features (like Bluetooth, Camera and Mic support for using with Skype, XBMC on Android has video acceleration for some not all, Companion mobile app, *nix support etc ...)

- I just took a quick look at the links you posted and they seem expensive compared to what I have seen (and what I remember) ... look if you can find them cheaper elsewhere especially if you are able to buy from China/Factory directly!

I still have one around for some occasions (running some apps on a non-smart TV), but, a Miracast/Chromecast/Screen Mirroring dongle if you have a powerful smartphone works just as well!



Thanks for your reply. Yes, they are expensive but I have no other choice. Buying Electronic item from foreign store can be risky. I am much sure that the item will held with custom official.

If u have any experience of purchasing it from foreign store please advise.

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