Android phone with Intel inside Logo

Hi there,

Finally Intel also could not resist to jump in battle of smartphones. It seems that smartphone and tablet will soon replace the laptops and PCs.

Here are details.


Well, Intel is not quite in the game yet. What they're mainly trying to do is promote their x86 architecture based chips in the mobile market. Their main competition is with ARM based processors and chipsets.

The main issue they currently face is the legacy overhead of x86 architecture - so they always have to create more powerful chips than the ARM counterparts. There are pros to the x86 architecture though - lots of compatibility with existing libraries etc. However, they're not quite ready yet. They will have to do a lot of work to compete with the raw power while providing the same battery life and yet remaining cool too.

Intel has a tendency to dominate the markets though, so I bet they'll work out the quirks in a few years and offer a better competition.

The one main achievement after IBM architecture was agreement with Apple, and we can clearly look difference between sales graph of macbooks before and after Intel chips. Now it never meant that Apple's previous sales were poor but they got better sales and in same manners I hope Intel could/should do better in this field and yes as you said that they are not still in the game but I guess the logo Intel inside is just like an Apple logo at back of any Apple device :)

One more hope :) As Intel could not resist against mobile market, Samsung and Apple also should not resist against Intel :D

tablets are very in now a days and also very use full you can do all that things on tablets ........................