Android Lollipop for S5 and Note 4

any can when will Samsung Gallaxy S5 and note 4 device will recieve android Lollipop update or they are not listed???

They haven't been announced yet but I guarantee you both those devices will receive the "L" update.

Meanwhile you can keep a look here to get updated about more officially announced devices:

can you tell that this android update will charged or not

Of course it will be free of cost. If they start charging for these things then they're gonna get a big Backlash from their customers.

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New Lollipop build for Samsung Galaxy S5 gets showcased
31 October, 2014 | Comments (30) | Post your comment

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A few weeks ago we brought you images and video showing what an early build of Android L for theSamsung Galaxy S5 looked like.

Since that point, the Korean company's engineers have been hard at work tweaking things and integrating the TouchWiz UI with the new version of Android. And today it's the turn of a newer build of Android 5.0 for the Galaxy S5 to get showcased in all its glory.

gsmarena_001.jpg gsmarena_002.jpg gsmarena_003.jpg

Android 5.0 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has refined many design bits, as you can see in the first two screenshots above. The device information page still doesn't say the word Lollipop, but the Android version is now listed as 5.0, instead of the "L" we saw last time.

The new leaked build has mostly UI enhancements compared to the old one. A fingerprint lock screen like the one in the Galaxy Note 4 is present, there's a new system font, new animations, a Google Search bar in the Recents menu, the brightness slider in the notification area has a new color, "Interruptions" has been removed from Sound settings, the Gallery has new filters, Contacts has a new search box, and stock apps with Material Design get the colored status bar.

The green elements in Google's Lollipop theme have been replaced with Samsung's blue, Settings has new icons, there's a new UI for setting the wallpaper, and better spacing between items in the power off dialog. The Music, Clock, and Calculator apps all come with improved designs now too.

Clearly Samsung Galaxy S5 owners across the world are eagerly awaiting this update, and it definitely looks like it's progressing nicely. Android 5.0 Lollipop might hit the Galaxy S5 before the end of this year, according to past mumblings.



@mobi_loger It's coming at the end of the year buddy.

Asw always HTC has delivered.. Awesome company :)

both M7 and M8 geting 5.0 .. and unlike samsung right on time..

supporting an almost 1.5 year old product, Wow.. thats HTC.

Google supports their nexus phones for 18 months. I almost expected to see nexus 4 to cut off from the 5.0 update. Glad to see that its not the case this around.

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I think, these android phones have been launched but not confirmed about its upgradation.You can know more detail about these phones from here

Even galaxy s3 is getting LP.. :)