Android Ice Cream Sandwich handsets

Which handsets, currently in the market, use Ice Cream Sandwich?

Has HTC announced any models launching with the new OS? AFAIK, HTC has already announced that 7-8 models will be upgradable to ICS? Is there any news if HTC Sense will carry over too?

Does SGS2 use ICS as of now?

No SGS2 does have ICS as of yet...

but it ll be upgraded sooon...

Right now officialy only galaxy nexus is the ICS supporting handset. But there will lot of them in December and even more in January with the help of CM9

On XDA forums, some devs have managed to get ICS working - for even legacy devices like Desire. Some things don't work (like camera) but - it's out there to show that ICS DOES work on the Desire, and that too, built from the AOSP code (and not the SDK)

Hmmm... Looks like HTC's Gingerbread/Froyo based sets are the only viable option here right now.

Get the Galaxy S2. The price dropped down to ~45k, and Samsung announced it will get ICS. And the hardware is rock-solid for the Samsung devices, so...

Inquired today and the S2 is still selling for 50K.

Its only the nexus Prime till yet isnot ?