Android drivers

Hello! My brother recently bought Acer tablet which has Android 3.1 Honeycomb installed. It also has a USB port as well. I was wondering if I can connect my USB Evo device on it and surf the web. Right now when I plug it in it fails to recognize the device. Is there any place where I can download android drivers for it? I do not own a router so cannot use WiFi. I have ZTE USB evo device. Thanks.


Nope Mr. Usman i think you can't use PTCL EVO with a android tablet unless they develop a special app for android to get it connected. USB EVO is made for a windows based platform and windows softwares are incompatible with android. Both are different platforms. It might work on a windows based tablet.


I agree with Imran here. What you can do though is that connect the PTCL Evo to your computer and then use a program like "Connectify" to share your connection over WiFI.


It requires Windows 7 though.

currently ptcl doesn't has any android prog developer

That's sad. That is the problem, there are no Windows tablet out yet (till Windows 8 launches next year). Well thanks for the help guys!